Stop Buying Medicines

Oh! I forgot to take my medicines!

Have you ever said or heard this line? Most probably you will have. We forget many things in our daily lives, but there is a difference when we forget to take our prescribed medicines. If you missed yesterday’s medicines, you can’t take them today – the damage has already taken place in your body.

As per a report by WHO (World Health Organization) “Nearly 50% patients do not take their medications as prescribed”. This can lead to significant increase in hospitalization, treatment failure and even death.

With more than fifteen years of experience in the healthcare domain and after engaging more than 1,50,000 patients through his organization, Praveen Wadalkar offers insights into the world’s biggest healthcare challenge – medication non-adherence.

Whether you are a patient or a patients’ family member or friend, this book will surely help you saving precious lives. It not only highlights the key reasons for non-adherence of medication but also offers several strategies to enable people to take their medicines on time and as prescribed by their doctors.