Mr. Praveen Wadalkar

After 10 years of rich corporate experience (from 2001-2010), he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011. And never looked back since then.

  • CEO and Co-founder of a leading digital marketing company Techizer Tech solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Founder of several successful online business. and are few of them.
  • Author of “Stop Buying Medicines” and upcoming books “Demons of Conversation” & “How I Became Millionaire by Robbing the Piggy Bank of My 6 Years Old Son”.
  • An active sub 2 hour half marathon runner and HMI certified mountaineer
  • Youth motivational speaker delivering inspiring talks on passion, creativity, innovation, health and leadership in schools and colleges. Click to play
  • Avid Toastmaster from Mumbai Toastmaster Club (One of the biggest Public Speaking Clubs in the world) Delivered 10 speeches at the club and was voted best speaker by the audience 9 times. Click to play

Praveen strongly believes that public speaking is an essential skill for every individual. It is just not about standing on the stage and speaking, it’s about inspiring and motivating others to live their dreams.



IT Ventures

Techizer Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd

Healthcare IT Company

Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd founded in 2011 is one of the leading healthcare IT Companies currently offering marketing IT solutions to more than 65 Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies in India and other countries. Techizer is employing around 60 champions and associated with more than 1000 healthcare brands from various healthcare companies., empowers individuals, business owners, speakers, entrepreneur share their stories professionally and impactfully with the world.The team is a blend of experienced visualizers, innovative storytellers, and contemporary animators.Our wide range of quality BioFlash at affordable prices, along with animation suited to every skill level and need, mean everyone can create the customized BioFlash they need to get their message and story across

Educational ventures

Public speaking academy for kids and teens

Passionate Attitude Seminar

Speaking Achievements

Writing Achievements

Health Achievements