"Due to his apt and to the point talk not only the audience but even the panelists listened to him with rapt attention. Combining knowledge with humor is one of his amazing styles..."

- Aditi Rai, Founder VLG's Iconic Training Academy.

"Your session on Entrepreneurship was just wonderful, Very electric and magnetic,"

- Suniel R, Winning Pesrona Corporate trainer and motivational speaker

"Praveen believes in keeping things simple same is reflected in his talk , very interactive and engaging"

- Mihir Baxi Head Marketing at Wockhardt Ltd

Praveen Wadalkar delivers motivating and actionable keynotes to bring meaningful changes in people’s lives. He is an obedient student of life and uses his incredible story telling abilities to share his Lessons and learnings.

As an innovation keynote speaker, Bestselling author, successful three-time entrepreneur, active Marathon runner and Indian army certified Mountaineer, Praveen balances deep, real-world experience with a captivating stage presence to help people to become passionate with their current job in hands..

Every talk is tailored to drive the optimum impact, combining engaging stories, striking visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences to jumpstart their creative energy and become passionate about their work and personal life.

Topics and outcomes

Stop Finding Your Passion: Passionate People Are Passionate About Everything.

Having 15 years of rich and diverse experience, Praveen learned that the mantra to successful life is to be passionate about everything we do. Praveen is a businessman by profession and a traveler at heart. He is a writer by day and a reader by night.

In his professional journey, he also spent 10 years in corporate job. He understands the importance of team working passionately at work. Praveen has unveiled 5 secrets to become passionate in current job and responsibilities. This talk is designed to help people and organizations thrive and reach the next level.

DEMONS of conversation: 6 things you should stop today for healthy professional and personal conversation.

Weather it is public speaking or one to one conversion. There are 6 Demons of conversation. Here are the 6 common habits in people which can spoil their conversation at office or home. It’s called DEMONS of conversation

1. Destructive comments
2. Equating the conversations
3. Monopolizing the conversations
4. Omniscient
5. NO starting sentences
6. Stretching the conversations

Praveen speaks about these 6 habits and strategies to overcome these habits. This talk is designed to improve quality of professional and personal communication among people.

Stop buying medicines: If you are not going to have it as prescribed.

Oh! I forgot to take my medicines! Have you ever said or heard this line? Most probably you must have. We forget many things in our daily life , but there is a difference when we forget to take our prescribed medicines. If you missed to take medicines yesterday, you can’t take them today – the missing dose has already damaged your body. So one should not forget to take medicines on time.

As per a report by WHO (World Health Organization) “approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed”. This can lead to significant increase in hospitalization, treatment failure and even death.

With more than fifteen years of experience in the healthcare domain and after engaging more than 1,50,000 patients through his organization, Praveen Wadalkar offers insights into the world’s biggest healthcare challenge – medication non-adherence. This talk is designed for corporate employee wellness activities. This will help professionals to avoid potential complications induced by medicine non- adherence.