5-Point scale to evaluate the impact of your speech

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How Do You Evaluate The Impact of Your Story Mr Praveen

I remember that day two speakers were sitting together, we were having a good time, and in the middle of the discussion, someone asked this serious question to me. And I said, Sir, I have a very simple five-point scale to evaluate the impact. Let me share this five-point scale because when you are going on the stage next time, whether you share stories, presentation or talk, you can consider using this five-point scale to evaluate the impact of your content on the audience. Now, for this, you have to make yourself available for the audience after your talk. 

Zero Points

Maybe in the tea break, maybe in the lunch break, maybe after the conference whenever, but you should be available, accessible, visible, approachable for the audience. But Imagine for a moment that I just completed my talk. There’s a conference here. We were 300, 400 people sitting there. Now after my talk conference is over. Now I’m available and audience is free, what they want to do now, but I’m available, I’m standing there, maybe in the corner. If no one is coming to me and speaking to me, I will give myself on this scale zero. 

Why? Because I have not even broken that barrier. They’re still not comfortable coming to me and speaking to me. Modern speaking is all about when you speak on the stage, the audience should feel, yes, he’s just like us. You can speak to him; you can speak to her. 

But if they are not feeling comfortable coming to me and speaking to me, zero on the scale, but if they’re coming to me, and they’re saying, ‘thank you very much for coming here sir”, and “we are so glad that we could be able to host you.” “We are very happy that you have come, do come again.” If they’re using these kinds of phrases; on this scale, I will give one. Not more than that. 

Two Points

If they’re coming to me and they’re saying, “wow, we just love the way you spoke on the stage sir, your body language, your vocal variety, the way you were moving on the stage, the way you are interacting, the way you were making us laugh. It was a very interactive session and very nice.”  Two on the scale. 

Three Points

But if they’re coming to me, and they’re talking about the message, which I’ve just deliver, if they’re coming to me, and they’re sharing a similar type of stories, which I have just delivered from their life, message from their perspective, if someone is coming to me, and talking something like this; three, out of five. 

Four Points

What is four?  I remember when I gave my first TEDx talk, I spoke about a disease which is so common, very common, more common than diabetes and hypertension. Many people are suffering from this disease. Name of the disease is SWM, β€œSomeone Watching Me” disease. 

And in that talk and given the message that no one is watching you from outside if someone is inside, so don’t worry about the world. So, after this talk, I was just standing there with my scale. And when one person came to me and he said, Sir, can I speak to you so yes, please go ahead. 

He said, I have attended many conferences sir, many events I have attended in my life, and every time I used to feel that, after the conference, I should go to the speakers and I should speak to them. But I’m not doing that great in my life, and I also feel that if I speak to them, and if someone sees that he is speaking to speakers, he will feel that someone will feel. Come on. He’s just wasting the time of the speaker. But this time I decided to speak to all the speakers because now I know that someone is not outside, but someone was inside me. If someone is taking action on the message, we have just delivered, give yourself a four. 

Five Points

So, what is five? I remember, I gave one talk in one Institute, and the whole talk was, wherever you are in your life, you’re the output of your own decisions. Stop blaming others. And then one day, suddenly after a few months, actually, I was traveling somewhere and I got a message on Facebook Messenger; and this girl started chatting with me, and she said, thank you very much for the talk, and I’m completely frustrated because of my studies, and I was about to tell my dad that I’m not going to study now it’s enough. But then after this talk, I realized there’s something wrong in me. I have to make some efforts. 

When people change their perspective because of your talk, because of your stories, I will give five. Why five?  Because when you change your perspective, take action in your life. Because I’ve heard— I have read so many times, a lot of speakers, coaches, trainers, they claim that they have changed 10,000 lives 20,000 or 1 million lives. But I believe that you can change only one life, that is yours. 

But as a speaker, as a storyteller, you can change the perspective of people. Fifth is that. You have changed someone’s perspective and because of change in perspective, that person is taking action in her or his life. 

Change Lives..One At A Time..

And because of that action, that particular person is changing his or her life. When something happens like this after stories, and people change perspective, take some action, change their life. To me, that is five; because as a storyteller, we stand and share stories only for the audience, and we feel very happy and people change their life after stories. This is my scale of evaluating the impact of my stories. Hope you have liked this tip. 

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again with a new tip


  1. Vasant

    5 point scale to evaluate the impact of speach is very true & Practical.What i feel is impact of speach occurs when one has stage courage & speaks from the heart.Praveen sir has really started from zero & reached at top within a span of 3 years which is a great achievement.Then we should think why can’t we .This positive thouhgt will reach u atleast level 1 or 2 or even 5. I am very much impressed with the E learning program workshop & this made me change my attitude.
    With Regards…
    Vasant Handrale

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and sharing your kind feedback 😊

      • Thangadurai

        Those were quite convincing and realistic to evaluate own speech. Thank you

  2. Vasant

    Exelent method to evaluate impact of speach !

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback 😊

  3. Tulasidharan

    Really true sir thank you for the great measuring scale from here onwards I will also use this scale

      • Swarnalatha

        Truly incredible!!. Moved and inspired.

  4. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 😊

  5. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 😊

  6. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback 😊

  7. Saravana Karthikeyan Neethimani

    Literally, day by day its giving more confidence on building myself on the way which i had chosen for. Thanks for giving such wonderful thoughts and concepts.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts πŸ™‚

  8. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thanks for attending and sharing your feedback πŸ™‚

  9. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback πŸ™‚

  10. Suriyanarayanan Balakrishnan

    Thanks for sharing very useful tips; will implement in my life.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and appreciating πŸ™‚


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