Are You A Negative Person or A Positive Person? Find Out!

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Public Speaking | 1 comment

What do you mean when negative and positive?

When you see something happening in front of you, someone saying something to you, do positive thoughts come in your mind first, or negative thoughts. Now this is very important because many times in our life, if you’re positive, then your mind is creative. And you can spend more energy and time in doing something productive.

The moment you are negative, something happens to your creativity, your productivity. It will go down.

Of course you cannot stay positive throughout the life neither you should stay negative throughout the life. So, we all have experienced what is positivity and negativity and what is it’s impact and advantages and disadvantages.

But it’s very important for you to understand whether you are a highly positive person or highly negative person. Do positive thoughts strike first or negative.

Here is a test.

Sit with your loved one. 

Now, when I say loved one, not necessarily only, I’m talking about romantic relationship. Sit with anyone, person with whom you are comfortable in sharing thoughts and ask that person that, the moment I say this, what comes in your mind?

Imagine I’m sitting with you and I ask this question to you that be ready for surprises in life. The moment you say this, be ready for surprises in life. what comes in your mind first?

Are you talking about some amazing surprises?

That you will achieve this and you will achieve that.

The moment I said that be ready for surprises we have gone back in the memory lane and said yes, in the past, because of my hard work, because of my commitment, because of my dedication, I have worked hard and I’ve achieved something and similarly things or similar things I will achieve in my life and I have to be ready for surprises like this. You’re a highly positive person.

But moment I say that, be ready for surprises and if your mind starts thinking about maybe something wrong is going to happen with me, I’m will lose something or maybe in this coronavirus period what if we get covid infection. And the last, the worst experience comes to your mind, many of us don’t accept that, the theory of mortality. I think no one on the planet should challenge this theory that we all will be leaving this planet one day. 

The moment when I say, be ready for surprises, you’re thinking about ailments. You’re thinking about disease. You’re thinking about mortality. This means that you are a negative person.

Test Yourself

Now I’m giving this access to you, ask this question to your loved ones. Is that person negative or positive? And let that person ask this question to you. Or when I ask this question to you, what came in your mind?

I think that answer will help you to understand whether you’re a positive person or a negative person.

1 Comment

  1. Rajendra Prasad

    If I come across this question ‘Be prepared to have surprises in my life’ this statement itself will instill a feel good factor in my mind, I will be instantly filled with joy of having sth thrilling, sth challenging, sth which will give me an opportunity to explore and expand me further, sth very interesting is going to happen and I will very optimistically start looking forward to witness such surprises asap.


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