Are You Scared Of Public Speaking

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Public Speaking | 2 comments

Going To An Exam Without Preparation

Many times, people say that going in front of the public or doing public speaking is just like going for an exam. Very difficult, very stressful. But do remember, just go back on your memory lane as a child, close your eyes. There are some papers where you are waiting for that paper, especially those papers where you have practiced well where your idea, your content, your concepts are very clear. You actually wait for that paper, correct? 

Prepare Before Public Speaking

Same with public speaking. If you are going in front of people and if your ideas, values, thoughts, your content is organized. Well-practiced and when I say practice, I’m not all talking about standing in front of a mirror and practice. That’s not the correct way of practicing. Understand. When you speak in front of a mirror, you cannot evaluate. Why do we practice? To evaluate and to improve, right? How can you speak and evaluate together?

It’s just like you’re expecting from me, when I’m speaking right now that I should evaluate while speaking. It’s not possible. If you’re sitting in the train, you cannot feel the speed of the train. To observe the speed of the train. You have to come outside, then you can see the speed of the train. 

Mirror Technique Does Not Work

So, when you’re practicing in front of a mirror, you are a part of the process. You cannot observe the process when you are a part of the process. 

So, you have to learn the modern techniques of practicing. At the same time, you have to understand that public speaking is all about organizing your content effectively in your mind and there are modern techniques to organize your content and deliver this content effectively. 

I Became a Public Speaker Just Three Years Ago

But I must tell you in my last 20 years of my professional career, just three years ago, I became a student of communication. But before that, any presentation, whether it’s client presentation, corporate presentation, making PPT was just enough. You made PPT and your job was done, and content was a very small part in effective presentation. 

Learn Public Speaking

There are many other things which will ensure effective communication of your points. If we don’t learn public speaking like any other skill, if you don’t learn modern techniques and methods of public speaking, and you have a presentation, you’re expecting that you demonstrate the world’s best PPT and world’s best content when you go in front of people and deliver, then you’re expecting to ride a cycle on day 1 without learning how to ride cycle. 

Treat Public Speaking Like a Skill & Taste Success

If that is not possible, even this is not possible. Like any other skill this is just a skill. So next time, if you say like this, that I’m scared of public speaking only because you’re going for an exam without preparation.


  1. Suvarna

    Absolutely true

  2. Senthil KR

    Very nice article… It’s simple and powerful. Have started my learning journey with your stories and articles reading one in a day. I’m seeing the improvement and I’m pretty sure that I can master this skill. Thanks


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