Attitude Is Everything

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Public Speaking | 1 comment

PS: This is an old video but still relevant for the topic

Lesson I’d Like To Share

Hey guys, we’re on the way to my base camp. From 14,600 we’re now going down and from there then again, we will go up. That’s the course route. One thing I realized yesterday, which I would like to share with you. 

Toughest Track

Yesterday was the toughest track from dhohra to dzongri. And not only the elevation, not only the steep elevation but at the same time, the luggage we were carrying was actually making that trek very, very tough. 

When You Can Give Up Bu You Don’t

One thing I realized is I’ve seen few people giving their bags to some volunteers. A few volunteers early or sherpa who are traveling with us. A few people have given the luggage to them but really surprisingly, when I saw these people reaching the base camp within five, 10 minutes, they were fit. They’re roaming here and there and doing usual stuff. 

The point I’m making is every one of us, there is a batch of 65 people. Every one of us at some point of time had thought to give away all of this bag but most of us didn’t do that. And it’s all about attitude, it’s not about altitude. 

Attitude Matters. Not Altitude.

If you have that attitude that you will not give up no matter what happens, no matter what happens, no matter how tired I am, no matter how steep elevation is, I’m not going to give up. I’ll carry this luggage and reach the point. That’s the attitude.

If I want to check your attitude, pay gratitude.

1 Comment

  1. Rajasekar

    Great way to understand what attitude is? How to get attitude it’s our own mindset to resist to give up in any point of time.


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