Be Yourself on The Stage – Myth or Fact?

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Be yourself.

So many times even I got this feedback when I started speaking and I used to go and speak and even in competitive speaking, You go on the stage and you speak. And you get feedback. Be yourself. Be yourself.

Fact or a Myth

Now let me ask, this is a very simple concept. Let me ask this, I’ve never heard this, that’s a myth or fact.

Myth or a fact, and we will wait for only 15 seconds and let me end the poll.

Let me share the results. 77% of people said facts. 23% of people said Praveen no it’s a myth.

Okay, let me stop.

77% of people?

What do you mean, but be yourself?

So in case if you’re an introvert person, very introvert, you don’t like to speak. That’s you, right?

Imagine for a moment that you don’t like to speak only.

Don’t you hesitate to share, Right?

You’re the kind of person who loves to keep your mouth shut. That’s you, that’s your nature.

So be yourself. Be honest with yourself.

Understand one simple thing, ladies and gentlemen, when you speak in public speaking, I’m not talking about one-to-one conversation. The one-to-one conversation is a completely different skill.

What is public speaking?

I’m talking about public speaking, public speaking is a task.

You organize your content. And then you deliver that content in front of people in such a way as people understand that’s a task.

Now whether you are a shy person, introvert, extrovert, you have to perform the task.

Imagine playing cricket is a task.

Now whether Sachin Tendulkar is a shy person?

He is just performing the task, what he or she has learned.

Be Yourself!

So this concept of ‘Be Yourself’ on the stage, I have never understood. Early on I also bought that concept that be yourself.

But what do you mean by being yourself?

You’re just implementing one skill that you have learned.

When you’re doing a one to one conversation, I can understand, in one to one conversation, because you’re speaking one to one, because the person sometimes or most of the times, when you’re speaking with a known audience, with your loved ones, with your colleagues, they know what kind of person you are.

You’re a man with very few words, or you are very verbose, you’re suffering from verbal diarrhea.

That time I can understand “being yourself” because even the other person will adjust with you.

Learning The Skill

But the moment you go on the stage, it should not be you have to you don’t have to be like yourself, you have to be for the audience, you have to be a person who has learned that techniques and methods of speaking so people can understand.

So I don’t agree with this.

That’s according to me, it’s a myth.

You should not be yourself when you’re on the stage.

That doesn’t mean that you should have a fake accent or you should be a different person on the stage.

What I’m saying is that your personal nature and your ability to speak in front of people are completely two different things.

For example, take Mohammed Qahtani. He’s a world champion of public speaking. He said I’m a very shy person. I go to a party, I will take a corner I will never speak to people.

And he used to stutter because of nervousness.

He’s a world champion of public speaking.

He comes on the stage just implementing the skill that he has learned.

So according to me, it’s a myth. “Be yourself.”


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