Become The King and Queen of Public Speaking

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

Imagine there is a child standing on the stage and asks you the audience to stand up. 

Many of you will stand up. Why ? Why we react irrespective of gender, age, irrespective of first day in the office, irrespective of the last day in the office, if the person is saying something, we react. 

We respect them, their presence on the stage? 

We accept them as the host? 

We feel connected, gratitude, we listen. 

As a student of public speaking, I would like to say that the word SPEAKING itself has KING in it. 

It means every time you stand in front of people, whether you like it or not, unless and until you spoil your image, as soon as you go on stage, people will perceive you as KING and you have to behave like a KING. 

We don’t like those king who speak with dishonesty or are rude. 

We like those king who speak with respect and honesty.

So whenever you are on stage you have to behave like a King. 

Now, the ladies don’t get offended. It’s either King and Queen. 

And you can behave like King and Queen only when you have learned that skill. 

You expecting to go on stage and behave like King and Queen without learning the skill is as good as you going into the swimming pool without learning how to swim. Its just not possible. 


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