Beginner Of Public Speaking Means You’re Starting To Speak In Front Of Public

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Do You Meditate To Have Your Thoughts Of Clarity?

Yes. I meditate every day. Every day I meditate at least three times, even before going to this workshop, I meditate. I go for 10 minutes of Hanapana. Hanapana I do for 10 minutes and at least two times Hanapana and 45 minutes of Upasana, I do that.

Does Grammar Impact Our Speech?

Very good question. As long as, as long as you’re not, if you’re completely grammatically incorrect, if you are really making some very big, big mistakes in grammar, mama, what will happen? It will take the attention away from the content. But if you’re saying that I’m waiting for the day where my grammar will be a hundred percent perfect that day’s not going to come, not in English. That day is not going to come in any language. Language is the most complex thing human beings have created. Do you know that? If you watch a movie called “The First Man” by discovery. This movie was what? This movie was what is that one thing? The biggest thing, which our ancestors did because of which we are, where we are today. The biggest thing. So initially they thought it’s fire because when they invented not invented, when they will learn how to control fire, we thought, okay, because of fire, we saved energy and then brain got developed all the energy that you use to spend on food, we started spending on brain, right? That’s a very important role. So various steps almost for two hours, you will feel, yeah, this is the step. This is the step taken by ancestor, but they ended on this, the best thing, which human beings have our ancestors developed because of which where we are. Is the language, it is very complex.

So forget English, even in Hindi, you cannot have a hundred percent perfect grammar but unfortunately, Oh my God. Unfortunately, because we were ruled by British people. There are some nonsense people. There are some people who have little less sense that when you make videos on YouTube or Facebook, they keep the content aside and they say, Hey, your grammar is wrong. This is not the way you should pronounce this word or that Bubba that I said, I am a good English teacher. That I said, I am good in grammar. Listen to my point. All those people who react on grammar and vocabulary, all pronunciation, are those people. What at subconscious level still living under the British people, still living under the British people. When we were under British people, it was very correct. It was very right. If you’re speaking in very good English, that’s valuable, you are speaking the language of the ruler. You can speak when I can speak. You’ll feel proud about that is good. Now it’s gone very frequently. So I feel very, you know I would say, sorry for those people who comment on my English or grammar, even if you do survey now. If I ask all English teachers, please find out mistakes. They will find hundred mistakes and my grammar but as long as you work hard on your English and grammar and reach the level where you’re not very worried about and it’s not dragging the attention of the audience to not worry about the grammar.

As A Beginner Of Public Speaking, What Is It We Need To Concentrate The Most?

What do you mean by as a beginner of public speaking means you’re starting to speak in front of public, right? Nothing. Let’s twist the question. As the beginner of singing, what is it we need to concentrate the most? The answer will be Sadi Gama right? So, the answer is four steps of method. These four steps, when you’re going on the stage, understand what we should do before we speak, understand how to start your presentation, understand the meaning of body language, vocal variety, and how to add stories in your content and understand how to end your presentation. This is Sadi Gama off public speaking.

What If My Presentation Is About Five Minutes, Shall I Split It Into 1.5?

Yes. Even the world champion of public speaking is seven minutes. I make four tips. I make four tips. If you’re talking about split method, yes. Divide in four parts.

In Case The Host Do Not Introduce You Properly, So Shall We Start The Introduction Or Not?

That’s a good point. Many times I have seen when host introducing you and that host has not taken your name correctly or that host has messed up with your introduction. You start your speech or presentation by correcting the host. Imagine you calling me. Let’s welcome, Mr. Praveen Wadialkar and I come on the stage. Thank you very much, but it is to correct you, it’s not Wadialkar, it’s Wadalkar. Don’t do that. It’s done. What is the logic of correcting it’s gone? It’s gone. Start with something which I have shared with you. If you understand my starts today, there is one thing common in all these three starts. This three start is not for the speaker. This three starts is for the audience. What do you mean by that? How is the judge? How is the judge? How is the judge? Is for speaker only. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. It’s for speaker only. This is nothing for the audience. This starts when very achieve the objective two objectives, which we have learned today. This is for the audience. So do not correct the host if that host has messed up forgive him or her and continue this with the proper start.


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