Buying Decision – Quality or Celeb Endorsement?

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 6 comments

We’re seeing this ad from where Alia Bhatt is coming and saying very effectively, Vicco Vajradanti, masudo mein jaan toh daato ki shaan. 

Have you seen that ad? 

Does Alia Bhatt Use Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste?

Now I’m just asking you out of curiosity, tell me, is Alia Bhatt really using that toothpaste in her life? 

No, it is very important for us to understand, very important, because the money which has gone to Alia Bhatt for that product; it has come from consumers account, we have paid. This is how companies develop their bank account, bank balance, when we pay. 

Who Is Paying For Alia Bhatt In The Ad?

Now, the money which we have given to manufacturers, if they’re giving to celebrities like this, it means they are spending huge amounts of money from their marketing expense on product promotion. 

There is a difference between when you make an ad without celebrities and with celebrity. 

So, if they’re increasing the marketing expense and because of that, if tomorrow, they increase the price of the product, again who has to bear that cost?  Again consumer, so somehow directly or indirectly it is connected with your pocket or my pocket also. 

So, it’s very important for us to discuss and share perspective on this subject, that all the celebrities who promote and ask us to use that product, example in 2000 when Britney Spears started promoting Pepsi; is she really drinking Pepsi in her life? 

Britney / Beyonce Pepsi Promotion

Because, of that ad millions of teenagers— Because she was a big teen icon, millions of teenagers, they might have started drinking Pepsi or even after a few years when Beyonce decided to continue this legacy and Beyonce was promoting Pepsi on one hand, she was promoting Pepsi. At that point of time, it was very clear that Pepsi is loaded with sugar. 

I don’t know what they are doing right now. But in those days, it was very clear that full of calories and not good for health, there were so many articles, so many people were talking about that. 

Celebrity Contradict Themselves

On the other hand, Beyonce was also promoting a campaign from Michelle Obama, which was a fitness campaign. “Keep moving I think”, if I’m not wrong. 

So, one hand the celebrity is promoting a fitness campaign and on the other hand she’s promoting carbonated sugar water which according to many people are not good for health.

So, I doubt when they promote something, I doubt they really implement that, use that in their own life. 

Example, I doubt Dhoni has that fan, or Shahrukh Khan is really using that Soap, or I doubt Sunny Deol is really wearing that baniyan. 

Be Careful With Food Product

Why it is so important for us to understand, especially with food products, is very critical with food products, because all these things we might use and throw but what we eat, it affects our body. That’s the reason in many developed countries at one point of time, people become very sensitive towards this. That, if you are producing a food product— Make sure if you’re using celebrity, make sure that it should not happen just because of celebrity influence people are using the product. People should use the product on the merits of the product, not because someone is promoting that product. 

But now there is a law in US, what is the law? The law is Common Sense Consumption Act, and this law got passed in 2009. What is the law? The law is this, they say we can do anything, the marketeers, distributors, sellers, they can do anything because as per this law, you cannot take a major legal action against any kind of marketeer, manufacturer, seller, distributor, food traders. 

The “Common Sense” Law

For any injury due to food, like increase in weight, obesity, you can’t do that. Because as per this law, consumers should have common sense before they take any action of buying any product or use any product. We should have common sense, which is correct, I think. 

We should have that common sense that, according to the World Health Organization, that even this fried chicken, processed fried chicken is carcinogenic, still we go and eat. As for lots of studies, when we eat those chicken sausages, they are as good as smoking cigarettes, carcinogenic. So, we should have that common sense, we should have enough awareness of what we should eat, the final decision is ours. So, we cannot stop them. 

But is this correct? In the light of the fact that so many people, they blindly follow celebrities. Is this correct? We have no idea. We cannot stop them. 

They are in business. As long as Pepsi’s making money and beyonce is making money, all good. 

Who Needs To Change?

Then who has to change? We have to change, common people. So, I would like to know the perspective of common people. Don’t you feel that we should stop following celebrities when it comes to endorsements, when it comes to understanding the product? 

I am not at all saying that marketing companies should not make the product ads, it is required. An ad will help us to understand what is the function of that product, how to use that product, why to use that product, but why they should pay a huge amount of money to celebrities because it is coming from our pocket. 

So, my perspective is this, it’s not at all a good marketing strategy. 

And only the common man can change that strategy. When common men will stop reacting to this kind of ads. 

What do you mean by that?  

When you are buying a fan, you are not thinking about which fan Dhoni is endorsing. You will see what is the dimension of your room. When you’re buying a baniyan, Sunny Deol looks good in any baniyan. Maybe you and me not. So, you will buy a baniyan, and ask for your fit, as for your body. When you are buying a soap, you will not see Shahrukh Khan sitting in that tub promoting which soap. You will see which soap is suitable to your skin. 

What is your perspective on this? 

Because it’s increasing. 

As per one survey in 2007, hardly 5 to 6% ads on TV were endorsed by celebrities. 

Today, in 2020 more than 25 to 30% ads are endorsed by celebrities, it has to stop that money which is going to, to these people, companies should spend on the product, or they should decrease the cost of the product. So, consumers can benefit. 

What is your perspective on this? 

According to me, marketing companies and manufacturers should stop paying to celebrities for endorsements. 

Share your perspective with me. 

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


  1. Sumit Desai

    Very nice thought

  2. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thanks for reading and sharing your perspective 🙂

  3. vikas rastogi

    I truly agree with you Praveen, it us we who have to change, and we can bring this change with a chain which will be ‘movement ‘ for the change for better.


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