Decode The Fear Of Public Speaking

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If you go on Google and type how to overcome the fear of the first thing will come automatically is death, and the second is public speaking.

We cannot do anything for the first one, just ignore it but the second, a lot can be done. B

ut the problem is this in communication, what I have learned that words have no meaning, the definition of each and every word here, even to overcome varies from person to person.

What Do I Mean By Overcome?

Maybe for few people, overcoming the fear of public speaking is like going on the stage and speaking calm, composed, relaxed, natural, and for someone it’s just like ensuring that if I’m going on the stage, I don’t forget, and I don’t go blank; varies from person to person.

Even the definition of fear varies from person to person. Even public speaking for a few people public speaking is like standing in front of ten thousand people and getting a standing ovation, and for few people, public speaking is standing in front of bosses and speaking effectively to impress them, or maybe standing in front of juniors and speaking to inspire them.

So, in the light of all this, that words have no meaning. But it is very important for us to overcome the fear of public speaking. It is critical, imperative that we meet live, to understand what you mean by fear of public speaking.

Learn How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

Ladies and gentlemen, the day I understood this, my life changed. What do I mean by that? It means my life changed in three areas.

First, my professional life changed.

Three years ago, I fall in love with public speaking, I get rid of this fear of public speaking.

Three years ago, I had a team of around 30 to 40 people. Now more than 200 people, because when I stand in front of more people to speak, I don’t have that fear. Or even my social life change. My social credibility changed. In these last three years, I got acknowledged by Economic Times as one of the most promising entrepreneurs is mainly because I’m speaking. I got acknowledged by IFAH in top hundred healthcare leaders, is mainly because I don’t have fear.

Whenever I’m sharing my ideas, values, thoughts about the industry which I belong to that is the pharmaceutical industry.

I’ve gone on TEDx stage nine times, don’t you feel that you have a far better story than me?

And why I’ve gone nine times and not so many people that have a better story than me still, they’re not on the TEDx stage only because maybe they have a fear of public speaking.

So, my social life change and last, my financial life changed.

One and a half years ago, when I decided to start sharing my learnings of public speaking with the world, today we have more than 20,000 paid students across 128 countries.  

Ladies and gentlemen, if you learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking, it will help you to speak whatever you have in your mind in an organized way, and the moment you learn to do that, it will help you to grow.

To do that you have to understand what do you mean by fear of public speaking and how to overcome that.

For that, let’s meet live because this is a live session.

I must tell you; we go full every time.

System has certain restrictions before we go full because this is free. Before we go full, make sure you book your seat now.

Signup for workshop here.

This is Praveen, signing out until we meet again in that live webinar.


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