Decode The Fear Of Public Speaking

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Public Speaking | 2 comments

In the next few minutes you are going to decode the fear of public speaking and when you do that, you become a little more calm, composed and relaxed. 

Whenever you speak in front of people in your professional life, in your personal life and when you do that, you grow exponentially in your life. Understand this perspective very carefully. 

Three Types of Audience

Whenever we stand in front of people, there are three types of people, there are three types of audience. 

Type 1 Audience

Audience type number one, they’re far below in authority compared to you, they’re far below in authority. Example, you are a very senior person who spent 20, 30 years, a very senior, very successful person in the industry. And you’re speaking in front of school kids, they’re far below in authority, that doesn’t mean that they are poor, they’re bad. No. From an authority point of view, from understanding point of view, from learnings point of view, from experience point of view, they’re far below.

If you’re speaking as an authority, in front of an audience who is below you, still if you have fear of public speaking, that’s a genuine fear by the way. But if you don’t have fear of public speaking here, when you’re standing in front of the below audience, it means you don’t have fear of public speaking. 

Type 2 Audience

Come to type 2 audience. They are just like you, almost the same in authority. Imagine you’re talking somewhere in the office and you’re standing in front of colleagues and presenting something. Now, if you don’t have fear in type one audience, and if you have fear here, this is not fear of public speaking by the way, then this is a fear of evaluation. What do you mean by that? You know, they are going to evaluate you. They’re just like you. And they have all the capacity of evaluating you, whatever you’re speaking.

When we sing and dance, we actually represent someone else’s content. Lyrics, not mine, dance steps, not mine, but when we speak, we are actually representing our own content. We have a risk of evaluation whether they like us, they don’t like us. So, this is not fear of public speaking. 

Type 3 Audience

There’s a fear of evaluation in type three audience too. When you are standing in front of people, we’re far above in authority. Here we have the risk of judgment. Yes. Imagine you’re standing in front of your boss, clients, investors. What do they do? They tell you whether you are right, wrong, good, bad, accepted, not accepted. Yes, exactly. It has to be like that only, especially when you’re standing in front of people who are far above you in experience. But even this is not fear of public speaking, this is fear of judgment. 

Ladies and gentlemen, most of the people, they don’t have fear of public speaking. 

They just don’t know how to speak effectively in front of people, especially in type two and type three audience. 

What is speaking? 

Organizing your thoughts and effectively producing those thoughts in the given time. This is a skill by the way, organizing your thoughts, effective presentation of your thoughts, ideas, values, data, presentation, whatever in the given time it’s a skill. 

Now, the problem is that when you stand in front of type two and type three audience, we don’t have the skill and then we’ll try to execute that skill, which we have not learned. 

It’s just like you entering the swimming pool without learning, swimming and saying you have a fear of water. You have fear because you have not learned swimming. 

Going on the stage and expecting that you will speak effectively in front of people without learning the proper system and skills is as good as you’re going for exams and saying, I only get good marks without studying. 

It’s not about fear of public speaking, it’s about learning how to speak effectively in front of people.


  1. samridh

    when i speak i forget or i can’t find the right words ,how should i overcome this ?


    Hi Praveen Sir,

    I lost my job and i am a QA engineer and lost it on 19 th march ,just before 2 days to announce lock down and now started coming some calls still it will take some time ,mean while i want to lean publishing speaking skills and i writing to ask you some discount on your course as i am not getting salary from past 4 months,looking positive from you


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