Discovery I Made About Myself While Trekking In The Himalayas

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Public Speaking | 5 comments

I remember while I was trekking in Sikkim, Himalayas, Asia’s 3rd toughest track, there’s a place there at 16,500 feet. And to reach there, you have to walk for three days, mostly incline. What was killing us was weight on our shoulders. You’re carrying a huge bag of mountaineering instruments. And that weight was really making our work difficult. Now, you might have seen this video when you’re fast, even after a few steps, you were taking breaks. And then on day two, I realize that most of the trekkers, they are far ahead than me. And there was a long patch where I was traveling, where I was walking alone on the mountains. While walking I noticed something and I think it’s worth sharing with you all.

Either Past or Future

I realize that most of the time, either I’m thinking about the past, maybe my professional past or my personal past, or, I’m thinking about the future. Maybe what I will do once I reach 16,500 feet or what I will do once I reach uh I will go back to Mumbai again. I was either in the past or in the future. 

My Game To Stay In The Present

And we all know if you really want to enjoy your life, you have to live in the present, but living in the present is not easy. So I decided to play one simple game. I had to kill time and playing games is the easiest way to kill time. I said, whenever I’m thinking about the past, I would raise my right hand. So if my right hand is up, it means I’m in the past. I should come back to the present. And if I’m thinking about the future, I should raise my left hand. If my left hand is up, it means I’m in the future. I should come back to the present. I was walking like this after a few minutes like this, and maybe other, trekkers, those were watching me might’ve felt like there’s something wrong with this guy and then after some time I realized the frequency of me doing all this is going down. It means I was trying my best to live in the present. And when I started doing that suddenly, I started listening to a gentle whistle of breeze. 

Present Looks Like This

It was at 14,000 feet and when I looked down I could see the sky was so blue. I have never seen that kind of blue in my life before. When I looked sideways, there were clouds beside me, I could catch them, they were so close. 

The present was so beautiful, but all the time I was thinking about the past and future and not enjoying the present. And then I realized my speed of walking has increased automatically, with the same weight on my shoulder. It was a batch of 65 trekkers. And many of them are from the army, from Navy or professional trekkers. I was in the top ten to reach 16,500 feet. 

Past and Future Are Too Heavy. Present Is Lighter

And I learned you can take any weight on your shoulder, but no matter how strong you are, you can’t take the weight on your head, the weight of future and past. Because if you are walking with the weight of future and past; you can’t enjoy the present. This weight will suck huge amount of energy from you. But the present moment can give a lot of energy to you to walk in your life. 


  1. Shekhar Khobrekar

    I think it is very difficult to avoid thinking of past and future,we don’t have that much control over our mind,but regardless of this,we can set up a goal and concentrate in reaching our goal.Our goal is like a sukanu of a boat which helps the fisherman to steer the boat if it is going in a wrong direction.

    • Suman Chakraborty

      it’s absolutely right. I think we should focus in the present rather than past and future.

  2. Sheik Javeed Ahmed

    Great thought, it reminds me of the Kung Fu Panda movie wherein there is a quote ” yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”
    As long as we get concentrate on the Present and get motivated for the Gift ( i.e. present), we can create wonders…

  3. Siddharth Katariya

    Great discovery sir

  4. Uma Nataraj

    Live in the Present is the manthra of many Spiritual Gurus,these days. Makes sense too. Past is over. Future is a mystery. Present is what is in your hands. Live the present well and create a glorious future. The burden is less when there is no regret about the past or anxiety about the future. Less luggage, more comfort. So, it is always better to declutter and move ahead. Peace envelops you when you live each day by itself alone. You are in a state of bliss. Celebrate each day and past will be history and tomorrow will be a grand celebration.


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