Do Not Hesitate To Ask Questions

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

I was working in Cipla, as a product manager, or as a part of a marketing team. Now, as a part of a pharma marketing team, one strategy is to provide gifts.

Nowadays, it’s because of the compliance issues and all, we don’t give gifts to doctors, otherwise earlier used to give gifts to doctors.

So lots of vendors used to come to Cipla, and they used to display the gifts on the table. And then the reception used to call all the marketing teams that the vendor has come and then we used to go and choose and speak to the vendors.

So I went to Mumbai, just from Nasik. And those were initial days of my pharma marketing career, just a few months a few years other.

So I still remember that incident, I was standing! And I wanted to ask that what is the price of that particular item? And there were few senior members and my colleagues were standing.

I was not clear, that how to ask or how to frame that question. That what is the cost of this product?

So I was scared to ask that question. I was standing there for 5 to 10 minutes, thinking this only that how do I ask this?

I never realized actually. So I still remember there was a girl. Her name was Nidhi. She was my colleague, and she was a product manager.

She asked one question, and she’d just picked one item. She said this is for how much?

And as soon as I heard this, then I asked, excuse me, this is for how much?

So if you can’t frame a question, you can’t strike the conversation.


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