Do One Live workshop Is Enough, Is Enough?

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How Much knowledge We’ll Need To Start Giving Training And How I Can Make Content?

very good question. Understand this question very carefully. How much knowledge will need to start giving training, understand this question at every point of time, ladies and gentlemen, you want a Hill in the middle. The middle is here. If you’re on a Hill, you can look down and you can say, Hey, Oh my God, there’s so many people are down and they’re looking towards you. And they’re looking towards you and asking you, hey, how you have reached that in any school, how you have reached there. So it’s your responsibility to teach them at the same time, you have to look up because in the same school, there are lots of people. They are better than you. And they say, Hey, how are you? Is there you asking? You have to learn and go there.

You and I do the same thing, but more and more, you go up. You will find lots of people. So you have to keep teaching and keep learning. So what is happening, ladies and gentlemen, more and more, you learn more and more average people will. They’re below you now, because one day you would average understand this one day it’s example, three years ago, I was very average in public speaking. Two years ago, I join the speaking class. I still have that book. I remember recently I completed one more in me. Speaking course say this recently I completed. If you know people difficult, difficult for them to trust the past, perfect. This is my English book, future tense. This is my English book. They don’t integrative sentence. I’m learning it. So one, I was very average, very average. And you work hard. You will call you work hard and you go slightly up because world is full of average people.

You also know that you also know that 300 rupees for four hours, white shop workshop like this. Anyone can afford they don’t invest. Why they don’t have that mind-set. Only average think they will pay 300 rupees for a movie. Tell me how many of you agree with me? That Praveen 300, it was worth. Let me ask this question. It was worth spending two triple lines for today’s workshop, click on eight. What spending you took me to the lines? What spending, whether you are a part of speak and grow, not part of speak and roll secondary, but is that program it’s worth spending to triple line today? Let me end the poll. Let me share the results with you right now. Someone wrote in the chat. Everyone knows it doesn’t happen like that. Even if the God comes, even if God comes on the planet

And if you do the polling, how many of you like this? – God and not liking this squad. You will find certain percentage of people who say, no, no, this is not the way I thought the God, something a hundred percent possible, still 95% people feeling what it’s got for me. So they invest maximum people. They live right? – Because they do not invest on their mind. They invest on movie tickets on clothes. There are so many people they have to drop on land. They will not invest. I know that the believers don’t show up, which they will throw off sometime they will not invest to enter into speaks and grows community. Mary will say, oh my God, lifelong relationship with this boy who was the son of a red shirt driver. I didn’t see that he has reached. He’s giving all this. They will not. That’s the problem. I cannot, but can’t do anything. So the point I’m making ladies and gentlemen at every time, point of time, you are a teacher also, and you are the trainer also. So there is no point where you will say now the time has come, where I can only teach. You have to keep on learning.

I Want To Start Teaching Account For 11 to 12 Standard Online.

I’m also doing CA IBCC. I’ve cleared group one in the fourth attempt; didn’t clear my group two still. I want to start teaching account for 11 to 12 standard online. Well, those who are teachers, I must tell you this, those teachers here and those who are teaching in teaching professions, you should understand this. If you want to teach kids or students and if you expect that people will join, your courses is not going to happen like this. Understand the simple case study from speaking grows only will understand how it’s going to happen. So one chemistry teacher came to us and she said, Praveen, I love chemistry. I want to teach chemistry. I said I’m teaching chemistry. Are you saying that you will run ads on Facebook, on YouTube that, hey, this is a chemistry class join? It doesn’t happen like that matter. My son is 13 years old.

You I’m your potential customer. So you expecting from me to send my son to a chemistry class, one more chemistry, and tuition. He’s already learning in school. He has by Jews. He has Duchenne picture one more class. It doesn’t happen like that. That’s gone with the strategy. So she has a problem. Then what is the strategy? Understand that you will understand what you mean by e-learning and how people, when they join, speak and grow the developer; the mind-set of eLearning is I said, what is unique thing about your chemistry? She said, the way I teach the formula I have, that is completely different. I said, how do I trust violated that? I said, she said that many students in my class, they got hundred out of hundred in chemistry and they say, you have really made the fundamentals of chemistry. Very clear to us, I said, congratulations, they are a good validation.

So you are not self-declared green. It’s a proper validation. So we should create a crash course. She said, what do you mean by that crash course on chemistry only, maybe for five hours or six hours crash course, you can go live. Also you can do recorded also. But when someone is watching, the ad is not Duchenne. It’s like there is five of us crash course available on chemistry. No matter whether you are in seventh standard, eight standard, nine, 10, 11, 12, unless, and until your fundamentals of chemistry’s are not clear, you will never be able to score chemistry. Join this class schools just didn’t good. That’s all the built. So there’s a gentlemen, especially for those teachers who are teachers. Yes. Keep this in mind.

How Can It Manage Time, Money Badly With Corporate Job?

I really want to start my own start-up business. Please suggest me to pick up the correct path. Susa, every week I spend only 12 hours on my online live workshops every day, half an hour on making videos. That’s the only time I invest arrests remaining time. I do what I want to do in my life. Yeah, I’m doing many things. I’m taking new initiatives. I’m writing a book. I’m about my writing a new book. I’m doing multiple things, but for money, because I know if speaking grow communities there, that I have to make prospective challenges for them. Right now you accept proline. When you do upgrade webinars, when do train people, I don’t consider that. I enjoy that. I don’t. So in this live workshop, somewhere at the back of the mind, I’m answerable.

Okay, how much money I will make today? How much money I will make today but when I do upgrade webinars Q and a session, I enjoy all that I don’t do that I’d really love to meet. Why are three hours of freedom training program? Sometimes we go for three for four hours and then I have to say, so let’s go. Otherwise, we’ll keep on talking like family only. I enjoy that. So even if you are very busy in your life, and if you want to start e-learning business, you have to start with, you need only one Sunday to start with every Sunday. Do one live workshop is enough, is enough? Maybe on the same Sunday, when you are doing live workshop on same Sunday, you can meet your community members. Also in the evening, you can meet one on session; upgrade session Q and a session. So Sunday’s enough to reach millions, to make millions. You don’t have to leave what you’re doing right now, but that proper techniques and methods speak in groups only for that. So speak in groups, not public speaking, coaching classes, speak in groups to achieve freedom in life.

Will You Guide To Through A Flow Chart As To How To Take Care Of Technical Infrastructure And Support System To Start The Business?

Yes. Once you entered into the freedom program, you receive a different online courses where I talk about technical, which camera to use, which, which Mike, to use, how to do zoom meetings. There is a proper checklist why I failed, but I felt bad when I, when I not in the middle. I said, Hey, I forgot my water bottle, keeping a bottle. Next to me is a part of my checklist. So what I did, it was there. But when I took the seven minutes break, I took that bottle outside and I was, went into Washington, empty my bladder. I kept the bottle outside and forgot to keep it private. So I felt bad about it. I was not ever, never do that mistake again. That’s a small, small thing. Live webinars, ladies and gentlemen, small, small, there’s a proper checklist. You get access to the checklist. Once you reach in freedom program, what is the logic of giving you something that you don’t like non-wage, and I’m giving you a chicken masala chicken with, and you don’t like Norwich. So first become a freedom training program. Then all his information will be very useful for you.

How To Become A TEDx Speaker?

If you are a part of speaking group, community, go to experience courses, courses, and the course is there. How to go on TEDx, if you are not part of TEDx speak and grow community going on TEDx is very easy. Every time when I said easy, it means the process is well documented. So going on TEDx, the process is much documented. Go on Google and just type TEDx space listing TEDx listing. Just go on Google that listing. When you go on TEDx listing all the TEDx events, which are going to happen, they have listed there. If you select one click on one, you will find that there is go organize it on organizers. And most of the times they give the contact details of co-organizers and organize approach them. I write an email to them. That is how to approach now, to speak on TEDx, how to find a story from your life, so it’s, what’s Jedi one TEDx that’s okay, completely different. It can be a four hour workshop on that right. But that is very difficult to answer that question here.


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