Do We Blame Others When We Fail? How To Manage Failure?

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They say, those people who are exceptional, they are lucky. They are just lucky. They are just one in a billion. We are normal people. 

You are 1 in a Billion

So tell me this, how many of you have heard this saying “You are 1 in a billion” before? Who said this line to you? Your mom?

Do you know what my mom said to me? Praveen you are one in a billion. I took it very seriously. I started doing stuff in life to make me special and one in a billion. The first time I did, the first thing I did to make me feel special and one in a billion when I was a nine standard, I was the only student in the class who failed but that is okay. 

Ran From Nashik To Mumbai

I wanted to feel more special, feel one in a billion.So I ran from my hometown Nashik to Mumbai when I was 13 years old. I spent three days in Mumbai alone. I know how it feels like to sleep on those platforms. I know how it feels when you pick up those used frooti packets from the ground and you squeeze it until you get the last drop. I know how it feels. I know how it feels when you don’t have a home to go back. 

Returned Home

After going through those three days I thought it was easy to study so I returned home. Somehow I managed to reach my 10th standard. There was someone who could predict my results even before the results, my dad. He called me one day, come here. I know you’re not good in studies but listen carefully after seven days there is a qualifying race for army sports school.

Qualification Race

You have to run 1000 meters even if you don’t do it, which I know you will not, that is okay but even if you come in the top 10, you will qualify for army sports school. I said, “army sports, that’s so cool dad.” He said wait, it’s only seven days, you have to practice. I said come on dad it’s only 1000 meters. 

I remember I was standing in front of him, he dusted my shoulder and said, all the best son. I reached on the running ground and we were on point. I was in the first row. We were all waiting for the whistle and as soon as the whistle blew I started to run. 100 meters, I was leading, 200 meters I was still leading. 300 meters I saw someone passing me, but that is okay. I had to come in the top 10. 400 meters a few more passed me.

500 meters now I am not in the top 10, 600 meters I am trying my best and 700 meters disaster happened at 700 meters. You know what happened at 700 meters, my laces opened and when I looked up while tying my laces, they were celebrating.

Reason For Failure

I went and I said “Dad I was just about to finish my race when my laces opened”. Then he said something that changed my life. Come here son; ”Imagine for a moment that you have won that race, to which you will give the credit?”. “If I win this race it’s supposed to me, dad. I will give myself the credit” I said. 

My father replied “So when you win in your life you give credit to yourself, so why didn’t you give credit to yourself when you lost, son? When you failed the nine standards, you said you know dad, nine standards syllabus is so tough so only a few students go in 10. That’s why I failed. When you ran to Mumbai you said your hometown was too small dad, big dreams come true only in big cities like Mumbai not in Nashik. You have given credit to a small city and today when you failed in that running, you are blaming the shoelaces. When I tied your laces in the morning and the same knot which I and fellow soldiers used in war and who knows better than a soldier, the importance of tying a knot that can be a difference between life and death”. 

My Lie Exposed

I started crying because I knew I lied that day. My father said, “You know son why you lost in that race because, in the middle of the race, you took one decision, you decided to stop, you decided to quit”.

“Understand son, whatever you are today is a result of decisions you have made in the past, and whatever you will be in the future is a result of decisions you have taken today.” 

Decision Made

That was the most important lesson I learned at the age of 13. The first decision I took was to clear 10 standards. I was just three weeks away from the exam when I did it because the decision was made. 

Then I decided to come first in my College. The decision was made I did it. 

Then I decided to quit job and start a business decision was made and I did it. 

I decided to write a book, become an author, decision was made. 

I did it because you are the product of your own decisions. 

Because of any reason if you are not able to clear that subject, if you are not getting good marks stop giving credit to others, stop blaming others. It’s because of you, just because of you, you are the product of your own decisions. 

You have taken all decisions in your life. 

With your book, you know, how much concentration you have to put in, don’t you know? When you get that first work offer you know to say yes or no don’t you? 

Then tomorrow when you go into work you know how productive you want to be today, you decided.


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