Do You Have An Attitude To Learn?

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This happened just a few weeks ago. After two to three months, my parents had visited my home. They stay in Nashik. I’m in Mumbai and they came yesterday. One  morning, we all were sitting at the dining table and this particular incident happened there. And when this happened, I realized the importance of learning skills in life. In case you’re attending this, my life storytelling episode for the first time, it is nothing but small incidences of life. I come, I share with you, but many times from these small incidences, small observations, we can learn a lot.  

As a storyteller whenever I learn something from my life, it’s my responsibility to share those learning with you.

A Russian Dish Story

So, my mother was sitting on this side, my dad, my wife was sitting on this side. My son was sitting opposite me. We’re having breakfast and suddenly my maid came from the kitchen and she served something which is not Indian food. But I remember I had a long discussion with my mother that she wanted to eat one Russian dish. 

When I was explaining this dish to her and she said, “Can you make this dish at home?” I said, “Yes, we can do that.” And my maid served that on the dining table. I took it and then my mom took it. I only served her, and when I did that, I said to my mama, “You have to use a knife and fork to eat this.” 

Fork & Knife – Tutorial

As an Indian, I love to eat food by hand. Even if I’m eating in a five-star hotel, I think that Indian food is best — If you really want to take the maximum taste, extract the maximum taste from Indian food, eat by hand. I do that, but there is certain preparation in food, especially not from Indian country. You cannot eat by hand; you have to use a knife and fork. So, I told my mama, “Mama, you have to use a knife and fork to eat this.” And she said, “I don’t know how to do that.” And I started teaching my mom, and listened to this very carefully. 

I started asking my mama to hold like this and hold like this. And you have a cut like this, something like that. And my dad was observing, but my dad is a different personality by the way. He’s not unemotional, but he’s never demonstrative. He has a very strong personality, he’s very careful in accepting and rejecting things. And I could see from my dad seeing all this and my dad said — and listen, — “It’s all okay but don’t forget the culture of India. Don’t forget that we use hands to eat.” 

Argument Avoided

And then the discussion started and that discussion is worth sharing with you. Because if you understand that discussion, you will understand why few people are skillful in their life and why few people are not. I said, “Dad, I respect your perspective. Your point is very valid, but the point is not this, that you should use hands, knife or fork. The point is this. Using a knife and fork is a skill. It’s a simple skill. For me, I’m sharing one skill with my mother and my mother, she’s an Explorer. She wants to learn new skills. So, it’s not about learning this skill to show it to someone else or how this skill will be helpful in life. In respect of that, we have one attitude whenever we learn something new, whenever there’s an opportunity to learn something new. My mother was taking this as an opportunity to learn something new. Even if it is using a fork and knife, knowing how to use that, that’s a skill.” 

Public Speaking On Stage

I always say, you know I love speaking. I always say that. “You go on the stage and speak effectively without learning that skill is as good as you going in the water and swimming effectively without learning how to swim, or you eating with your fork and knife without learning how to eat with a fork and knife.” It’s just a skill. Now that’s a huge difference in perspective.

And my dad is very flexible sometimes. He said, “Yes, I agree on that.” And then he started enjoying his breakfast. 

Meet The Opportunity To Learn

But the point I’m making ladies and gentlemen, whenever you get an opportunity to learn something, even if it is a very small thing, make sure that your background, your strong beliefs, your rituals, maybe spiritual rituals, or maybe your spiritual beliefs or your values, make sure you treat that opportunity or treat that incident as an opportunity to learn something new. 

And keep everything aside. Once you have that attitude, then you  will start learning many things in life. 

Attitude of Learning

And not necessarily, you become an expert in everything, but you develop an attitude of learning new skills. And I’m very happy that today in the morning, my mother and I started our day by learning something new. I got an opportunity to teach her. She got an opportunity to learn something new. If you have this attitude, I think people with this attitude are more skillful than those who don’t have this.


  1. Pulkit

    Absolutely right Mr. Wadalkar.

  2. Santosh Sahu

    Very interesting useful article. Everyone should be flexible enough and keep themselves open for any new learning in their life. So Attitude makes you different from others. So before acquiring knowledge and skill one needs to keep his/her attitude ready at first place.


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