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The point I was making that, I remember meeting someone that day and he said, Praveen, I bought all the cameras and all the setup, everything is there at my home.

Now, I want to make good videos. I said, maybe making a video is an outdated technology now. Earlier it was there, I’m not denying the importance of making videos now also.

So early, it was there, only video was the option to reach out to share whatever you want to share with the world. Because social media or the live streaming was not that easy.

Distance doesn’t matter

Now you’re sitting there, doctor sitting there, I’m sitting here still we are here. So Assam, Mumbai, and Varanasi, right?

We all sitting so hundreds and 1000s of kilometers away from each other, but we are speaking as if we are sitting in one place.

So in the light of these easy technologies available now what is the logic of making videos, have people in your life with whom you can interact. And when you are interacting, you’re building the video.

Sharing Content on Social Media

And that video is enough to communicate or to share with the world. So nowadays, what I’m doing is when I’m speaking with people, and if I feel that this is worth sharing with everyone, I take that part. And I use that only on social media.

So I’m also speaking because the whole idea of social media is not to go viral is about to share. I share, whatever is worth sharing I share with the world. So maybe we should reconsider the importance of videos.

And we should meet more and more people like this on live streaming or zoom or maybe other live platforms have quality interaction with people exchange views.

And that becomes the content for social media, isn’t it?

We’ll end the session here and you will find this last clipping outside.


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