Do You Want To Read Minds?

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Public Speaking | 1 comment

If you could choose one superpower for yourself, what will be that? 

Bhima Shankar Trek

Now this was the question asked by someone in our recent trek to be Bhima Shankar. And if you like trekking it’s worth going, especially in monsoon. 

We reached the peak and there’s a restaurant there and we all were sitting, waiting for the order to come on the table. 

We were killing time and someone asked this question, but that’s an interesting question. 

We all started answering one by one. 

Someone said, I want power off teleport, one blink and I’m from here to there. 

Someone said very interesting. I want to speak to mountains. We can speak to each other. Wow. 

One said, I want super speed in one second, maybe from here to there.

It was my turn. I said, I want to fly. Wow. 

But the person who was sitting next to me said, I want to read people’s minds.

What is going in their mind? 

We were a group of 15 and very surprisingly reading mind was repeated thrice in the group of 15, the most wanted superpower. At least in that group. 

Then when all this, the waiter came and we all were so hungry, we started eating. 

And then when we were coming back, we were four people together. 

We were so busy talking and walking and enjoying nature. 

We lost the track. 

Where is the point where there was no trail in front of us? 

We decided to go in all the directions one by one, started whistling and shouting the name of the organizer, or anyone who knows us so they can shout back and we can join them again. 

But after all these efforts we were clueless. 

And then finally, we decided to sit together and wait for rescue. Just to lighten up the whole incident, the one guy said, Hey, do you know, we have superpowers just a few hours ago

Let’s see who superpower can rescue can help in this particular situation.

The guy who said teleporting, he said, yes. Here I am, one blink and I’m there with them. 

The guy who said super-fast, he said, yes, here I am. In one second, I will run and I will reach this. Saved. 

The guy who said, I can speak to mountains. He said, yes, I will ask the mountains. Where are they? Where are my friends. I would join them. 

I said, I will fly and I will see where are they. I will join them. 

There was one person who said, I can read minds of people. 

Now that person couldn’t read our minds because we were lost. We had no idea. 

So next time, if you have this opportunity to choose a super power for you, be careful, maybe reading minds of people, what is going in their mind? What they’re thinking about you might not help you. 

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out, until we meet again with a new story.

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    Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


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