Don’t Think About How I Will Speak

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What Is The Role Of Your Looks In Public Speaking?

Though I don’t think about how I will speak, what others will think as soon as I start speaking I go through some trauma and stumble speaking. Please help me on how to overcome this.

See the only reason why you think what people are thinking about you is because you’re not confident about your content. Why am I always full? I’m very confident about…

Someone asked me Praveen, what is the role of your looks in public speaking? I asked people tell me how many of you feel that I am good looking or bad looking.

Be confident in asking, clearing all your doubts, not on the stage in life. So don’t live under the illusion that you speak very well. Don’t live under the illusion that your content is well organized. Ask yourself, learn and practice. Once you’re confident that whatever I’m sharing with the world.

See why I sell on the peak of my voice. I know that if you are a part of speak and grow community, and if you practice well, if you do really work hard, you will reach where I want you to reach there. Yes.

So confidence is only when you work hard in your life. Otherwise is not just about speaking. Even if you’re asked to sing in front of people you will not able to sing if you have not learned singing. Well, hard work.

How To Get The Fear Free While Speaking To Top Leadership And Build A Trustable Rapport With Them?

That’s a good question. So there are three types of audience we have. The first audience is audience who is just below in authority. What do you mean by that? Audience below, like you’re a very good CEO, Director and you’re speaking in front of small students, they’re below in authority. They’re not bad, but they’re below in authority.

Then audience same in authority and audience above in authority.

Now, the problem is this, understand, if you understand this you will understand everything. The problem is this, when you speak, as I told you, your content represents your image. Right? Since childhood, it has been told to you show the best image. Now, when you are speaking in front of below authority, you’re not worried about your image, much. Not worried. Same authority, slightly worried because you have to spend time with them. But above authority because they’re decision maker you’re really worried about your image. Image is more than life, right, image. You’re worried. Because you’re more worried about the image the fear is high. It’s just like that tree is very small when you’re crossing that river, is very thin, that tree is very thin, then I will be more worried. Same with higher authorities.

 What to do then? Same. Learn the techniques and methods and practice and practice. There’s no other way.

Whether you want to speak in front of high authority, below authority or low authority. Just because you’re a CEO of an organization that doesn’t mean that by default you will learn how to swim. No doesn’t happen like that right?

Learn. So answer that question is hard work and learning.


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