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Can I Use Podcasts Instead Of Video For Teaching?

Understand podcast. Now I remember for speak and grow community, we had Bijay Goutam as expert talk was one of the best podcasters in this year. We learned something from him. Podcast is good in building credibility. Podcasts is good in sharing knowledge and wisdom, but podcast is not a very effective your training tool, it’s not a very effective training tool. Especially if you really want to monetize it, really want to monetize, really want to make millions at podcasts. To be very precise answer this question. Yes, you can use, but it’s not a very effective. Effective is when you meet people live like this.

Should We Ask The Audience To Give Good Ratings And Feedback In Our Course Videos?

That’s a very good question. Should we ask the audience to give good ratings and feedback in our post videos? That is the last thing you should ask to your audience. See I make videos every day. I remember one of the digital marketing expert. He approached me and he said, Praveen, I’m following you on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on YouTube. You’re really making good videos, but sorry to say that your videos are not viral. Well, you don’t have thousands and millions of views. There’s only one video which has an organic 1 million view.

Only one video. And in that video, I’m not there, my dog is there. My voice is there, but my dog is there. My face is not there in that video. So I said, yeah, I understand that. I understand. I know that my videos are not viral. I understand that my videos are not having a million views or subscribers and he said, Praveen I can do that easily for you. You have to just do small changes in your content. I said, please go ahead tell me what changes you want me to do.

He says very easy Praveen, not even a single video you have where you’re saying, kindly share this video, subscribe this video, watch this video till the end. I said, yes. I never said this. I don’t remember I saying something like this. He said, Praveen the moment you start sharing like this or saying like this watch share, or then automatically people will share.

But I don’t want to do that also. And he said, he asked me why? Because I thought, Oh yeah, I strongly believe in this that the only reason I’m there on social media, because I want to speak with likeminded people, not with everyone. And if likeminded people, if they like this, they will share. If they like, they will, like, if they feel it’s worth commenting, they will. They will worth commenting or even there’s so many videos when I watch, I don’t like, I don’t feel what commenting but I still like the content. So I’m not behind. I don’t have that fever of viral, why I am not going viral. At least my intention is not to go viral. Even till my last breathe if I don’t go viral, I will not feel bad because that’s not even my expectation.

I’m just using videos to reach society, social media, just to reach millions to share your ideas that is for a cost. He said Praveen then how you will make money out of it. Then I think he is not aware that he is speaking to someone who is making 1.3 to 1.4 CR every month. But my intention is not to go viral. My intention is I can share, I can train people to do what I have done in my life. That is the intention.

So the very precise answer to this question. The moment you say, give me feedback, give me a rating. It means you’re not confident about your content boss. Work hard in your content. Don’t ask for testimonials. Not even once, even though we have thousands of students, not even once I’ve asked for a testimonial, I like a testimonial. I wait for the testimonial. I work hard for the testimonial. So, the answer to this question is big NO.

How Long Do We Need To Update And Keep Ourselves On Our Toes?

As it is a very competitive field to keep it sustainable and be in the game. How long do we need to update and keep ourselves on our toes? Good question. How long?

See one way of answering this question is this, that imagine I’m teaching public speaking skills and I’m answering that to sustain, to survive in this business. How long I have to stay updated. If I don’t stay updated in this, that people will stop buying my online courses. If I stop updating myself, then I will know whatever I’m owning I will not own. Right. One way of thinking is of course like this, that I’m working hard in my life because I want to survive. One way is this.

Another way of thinking is like this, that public speaking is something which has really changed my life. Whether people buy, do not buy irrespective of that. I have to stay updated because I love my skill. It’s something which gives me pleasure. I want to learn this. I want to improve because the easiest way to find a trainer is not the person who is training that skill, it is the person who is implementing that skill in his or her life. That is the easiest way to find a trainer.

So, imagine if you are finding a trainer for digital marketing, don’t find a trainer who’s teaching digital marketing, find a trainer who is along with teaching, implementing digital marketing in his own businesses and improving that business. So I implement public speaking skills in my own life and improve my life. So it doesn’t matter whether people buying or not buying. I improve. I stay on my toes. I keep working hard and are harder and harder for me, not for my students, but because I keep on doing that by default. Who will get that one pitch? Students only because I’m working hard. They only get that one pitch. So answer that question ladies and gentlemen. You have to stay updated. It has to be sustainable, but not for the others for yourself you have to do it.

Will Your Team Will Provide Assistance For Systems Part In Launching E-learning Business?

I want to join your course only one question. What are your team will provide assistance for machine part in launching e-learning business?

Sir, if you are a part of speak and grow community, you practice, you participate in communication links, and then you enter into freedom program. And then he said Praveen now I’m done. I’m very clear. You’re already a trainer. He said Praveen I can directly enter into freedom program. Still you have to practice and communication league, four to five videos there are certain rules sir. You have to make. Very simple it’s a matter of one or two video one or two days, that’s it.

But the rules are rules for everyone. Even for me is a rule. So even for in freedom training program, if I have to invite people for entrepreneurship, even I have to make a video, because rules are rules.

Even I’m a member of speak and grow community, that’s it. So, but after freedom training program, you say Praveen, I want to build a business now. I really want to reach millions and make millions. My team will help you. Of course, that’s a business that we need to understand your needs. Everyone is at a different position.

We have to provide you certain services. What need you need, what help you need, whether you need help in digital marketing, whether you need help in building credibility on social media or ad promotion or budget optimization or creating your landing pages. We can do everything but only when you deserve it.

See, it’s very easy for me to start giving services to trainers. I’m not interested in doing that, not interest. It’s very easy. The same thing which is helping me to reach millions and make millions directly I can provide services. I started digital marketing. I didn’t name my job because it doesn’t excite me.

You know what excites me? What excites me? Like when a boy like me, who it was nothing in life, become a part of speak and grow community, improve communication skills, start practicing and communication league, enter into freedom program and start earning. Not crore even few thousand rupees with a start.

That satisfaction is a much better satisfaction than providing services to those trainers who are already making millions already there a lot of other digital marketing, they will help them. But if you’re already there, you still have to be a part of speak and grow community. You do not provide direct. You have to be part of family. There’s one more reason I do that because if I get good trainers in my speak and grow community, my other members get benefits. They learn from them.

So, I have to take care of my speak and grow family members.


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