Ensuring That You Are Dragging Their Attention

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

What Did You Do To Bring Back The Attention Of An Audience?

What did you do to bring back the attention of an audience who were not listening to previous speaker in the business conclave?

I told you. I started like this.  I use the same technique, “I remember one of the most important learning in public speaking…” When I said “I remember”, I’m starting with the story, ”one of the most important learning in public speaking.”

Hey, he is sharing something very important from his life that if the audience is sleeping, someone has to wake up the speaker. So I started my learning only into a short story and just give them the message. That’s all I did.

Is This Four Step Method Also Helpful In Talking To Our Customers Or Bosses Or Helpful In Addressing ?

There is only one technique which I shared with you, which you should not use. When you are making videos, that is pause and pan, when you’re making videos. Apart from that, doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking with customers, bosses, anywhere. Whatever the four step method, what is four step method?

First, drag the attention of the audience. Tell them drag their attention first. At first, are you sure that they’re liking you? That’s what we should do before. So the first ensure that they are liking you.

Second, ensuring that you are dragging their attention and telling them that where you’re going to take them, A to B.

Third, ensuring that when you’re delivering the content, your body language and local authority is not getting the attention. Your content is getting the attention. And ensuring that your content is impressing by adding stories in it.

Four, ensuring that you are ending your content like a king and queen. Don’t you feel that when you’re speaking in front of your customer and bosses, you should achieve all these four objectives? You should. Only pause and pan when you are making videos, don’t use pause and pans, but then your physical use pause and pan.


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