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If you’re among those people who are in job and want to start your entrepreneurship journey, I would like to meet you for 60 minutes live within my capacity, I would share with your key perspectives which I have learned from the last 20 years.

10 years from job and 10 years from my entrepreneurship journey. So, 2001, I started my career as a Medical Representative. 2011, I was senior marketing manager in a multinational company enjoying my job, doing well.

But I was bitten by a book on entrepreneurship.

So, 2011, we started a first business when I say we, me and my wife together decided to leave jobs and start a business. So, 2011 until today, we had four businesses, we started four businesses out of which two, we have still and two disappeared.

First was pharmericancy.com.  It was a.com business.

So, whatever we had earned, and learned in our corporate life together, we decided to inject to build this business.

So, there’s some key learnings from that, because within one year, we lost everything, the entire money, the business doesn’t even exist now.

Then the second business was farmer ventures It was a proprietorship firm. We did it for a few days, then realize that no time has come to go next. So, the same company, the proprietor firm was converted into an IT company and a private limited company.

We Got An Opportunity To Stand In Front Of View Investors, Raise Some Fund, Increase The Team

There, we got an opportunity to stand in front of view investors, raise some fund, increase the team.

So that company has almost 200 people now, by the way. The same company got acknowledged by IFAH which is an international body that’s in top 50 companies in healthcare IT.

For the same company, we got also acknowledged by economic times as one of the best entrepreneurs of the year 2019.

So that company is doing good, a lot of learnings from that company.

But in between around 2015, I had launched one more company, disappeared. It’s called Med wind. It was a mobile application company and I invested almost one and a half years, lots of rupees in developing that application.

That application was helping people, especially those with diabetes and hypertension, people to take their medicines on time. It was a big problem by the way, still a big problem on the planet. People do not take medicines on time, but learned a lot, or nothing from that business, and fourth business that’s called Speak and Grow.

Aright, nowadays, I’m very active in this business.

This business I started in 2017, the whole idea of this business was training people about communication, and then initially few months, I was training kids and adults physically but then we converted the complete business into an eLearning business. And this business is doing good, has more than $2 million now. And we have students in more than 128 countries, more than 20,000 paid students.

So, these four businesses, whether it’s pharmericancy.com, Pharma venture, turned to kaiser or medman, or Speak and Grow, given the opportunity, these four businesses gave me a lot of opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship, I’m still learning.

But in this 60 minute, whatever I have learned, I will share with you and maybe those learnings will help you to take effective decision in case if you’re thinking from moving from job to entrepreneurship. So very carefully in 60 minutes, I have filtered five key learnings which will help you to take that decision, but this workshop is alive.

Because it is live, we have limited seats. Before we go full, make sure you book your seat now.

Sign up for workshop here.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again live.


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