Feel Proud What You Are, How You Are

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

Reaction Is Necessary In The Corporate World. How To Handle This?

Be genuine. Be genuine. React if you’re angry, you’re angry but don’t allow people to make you angry very easily. That’s the reason someone said so, the way I’m speaking right now, even when I was selling, I was speaking like that only. So in a Q&A session, I have to be aggressive. In selling, I have to be aggressive. So it’s nothing to do with money, but this is not anger. This is my natural style of aggression. This is my natural style. When I’m excited, when I’m energetic, this is my natural style. You like it or not like it, this is how I am, this is how you are.

So whether you are speaking in front of the boss or in front of juniors, feel proud what you are, how you are. That’s your natural side.

Criticism Remain In Our Mind For A Long Time. How To Digest Within 30 Seconds?

You see, when I said 30 seconds, you took it very literal. 30 seconds is not just 30 seconds. So, when I started promoting my live workshops on Facebook and all, so many people started criticizing. Hey, your English is poor, your pronunciation is poor, your grammar is poor. For nights I could not even go to sleep. You know, now you have to trust me after listening to all the story and if you say, you know Praveen I still don’t trust you, you have a problem trusting people then. I could not even go to sleep. I said, why people are saying all this, that negative comments were there in my mind. But when I started doing the Vipassana meditation and I started learning this technique, that life is all about something happening good in your life, accept it, get back to work. Something happening bad in your life, accept it. So 30 second rule is a simpler version of Vipassana. Vipassana meditation is still do not react.

Here I’m saying react. React, but little time. So nowadays, even if I see very bad comments, oh, okay, get back to work. That’s it. That’s the only reaction, that’s the only and I don’t feel bad also from inside. Now, I don’t feel bad because I’m honest from inside. I know what I’m doing in my life. I’m trying my best. So I shouldn’t feel bad about your negative comments. Who are you to make me angry or give me pain. Who are you to do that? So I do not give permission to anyone to make me angry. Sometimes if I get, within less time, get back to work.


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