Finding Your Passion Vs Doing Things Passionately

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 3 comments

Many times, you might’ve heard people saying there’s that I’m waiting for a day when I will know what is my passion. And once I know what is my passion, once I find my passion, see how I will work hard in my life.

Or maybe you might’ve heard people saying this also that this job which I’m doing right now, I’m not doing from my heart or the reason I’m not very excited to do this job because this is not my passion.

What I believe is passionate person is passionate about everything. Unless and until you are not passionate about what you have in your hand right now, whatever, what I have in my hand right now is this simple recording. If I’m not passionate about this right now, what I’m doing, I cannot be passionate about anything else also then. Because working something passionately is a characteristic. 

So instead of waiting for the passion, instead of waiting for that day, that know your passion will be revealed to you and then you will start working hard. Just see what you have in your hand right now and learn how to do things passionately in life.

I remember I was giving a session in one school, it was around 10 or 11 standard school students sitting in front of me, hundreds of students. And I asked this question to them, show your hands if you know, what is your passion?

Very few people or very few children had raised their hands. But after just few days I was doing a session for corporate and all people with fifties and sixties, hundreds of people again, and asked the same question, show your hands if you know, what is your passion? Again, very few people had raised hand.

The point I’m making, don’t wait for the day when you will know what is your passion, whatever you have in your hand, start doing passionately.


  1. Utpal Datta

    Very true. This is m believe too.

  2. Sujith

    There are some things that I feel are against this. There can be somethings that you feel very much inclined towards your values and somethings that are not. For example one person working in sales will have to convince even a poor/desperate customer to buy a product even if the salesman knows that the product is not appropriate for him. His value of honesty is to be compromised there. He may be good for social work or something else.

  3. Tushar

    Awesome sir…want to meet you some day and learn the speaking skills


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