First You Have To Validate Your Strength

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How Should I Use The Strength?

My strength is to train some complex topics in a very easy way. What actually, if you have that strength that my audience can understand, how should I use, how should I use the strength? If that is your strengths, then first you have to validate that strength. See, sometimes when I give answers, they sound bitter. It’s on Twitter. Sometimes we feel that these are our strength and we only feel that it’s called self-validation. So if you’ll feel that you have strength of converting complex subjects into easy, so audience understand, validated how to validate. I remember there are incidents. One of my friends, he’s very good in guitar. According to him, he’s a private, I’m good in guitar, his feet, he feels proud about his guitar player. I heard him one day and I said, yeah, it’s good. But it’s for that extraordinary. It’s like, okay.

It’s like, good. But I’ve seen, so even though if you don’t learn music, but still can understand where they sounded good to your use of not right. I said, it’s okay, so I asked him, why don’t you validate it? He said, [inaudible]. I said, there’s only one way to validate on this planet. There’s an unfortunate way. But that’s the only one way. And he said, what is that one way money? I said; go to some shows that people are actually paying to come to listen to you, even if they’re paying 50 rupees. And if they’re coming back again and again, it means it’s worth listening to you. So sort of forced validate. Don’t be under illusion. Don’t self-crown yourself. If you have Krishna congratulation, but how to validate it, validate first people should say not your colleagues. I must tell you the biggest problem. You know, what is the biggest problem in public speaking?

You know, what is the biggest problem in public speaking? The biggest problem in public speaking is that illusion, which your colleagues and friends have created. What is that illusion? Imagine our team of 200 people. If I speak in front of them, no matter how I speak, they will look towards me like this. They will not the head office like this; very good, very good. If you are, if you’re a junior person, one of the last times you went to your boss and said, boss, you don’t speak well. If you’re a senior person, why does the last time you received a feedback from your colleagues that you don’t speak, but it doesn’t happen. The biggest illusion created by your colleagues and friends that you speak well, unless, and until you have not learned how to speak in front of people, that’s the illusion only you expecting going on the stage and delivering your content effectively within the time in such a way that maximum people understand what exactly you want to convey.

It’s a skill techniques and methods. Other speaking with members, they will understand they this better ladies and gentlemen, make sure you first understand that you have learned. If you feel that that’s your strength and ask yourself, did I learn that skill or not? Or I’m just assuming that I’m good in public speaking. Good in public speaking. So before you declare the reason I’m, I’m spending a little more time on this, because I see this many people, there are a few people who are very good, but there are few people that live on the illusion that they are good while at it. And second thing, learn that skill.

Is There Any Indicator To See That I Should Not Stop?

I should stop making videos. Is there any indicator to see that I should stop making videos? It depends how you look towards videos. This is the way ideally, we should look towards videos that we are living in 2020, where we can communicate with our fellow human beings, with the help of technology, then why to stop, why to stop. If you’re looking towards videos later, this I upload video, Hey, I’m not getting likes. I’m not getting commands. People are not liking me if you’re looking like this, but it’s a very difficult to make videos for long years. Why I make videos every day. If you go on my timeline, you will see everybody damn sharing perspectives on days on that. Why? Because I feel is a simple way. Yeah. The modern way of communicating with fellow human beings, which is the most important thing?

We have one thing which free shit to you and me homosapiens from other animals. You said ability to communicate and views are nothing but our ability to communicate with our fellow human beings. If that is the way that you should not, you should never stop making videos. If you say, what is the indicator? There’s no indicator. Only people take likes dislikes as an indicator to stop. Don’t do that. Don’t make videos to become viral every time. And I make one video, I go to my wife and say, see, this is going to go viral. This is going to go lighter. And I’ve been doing this for three years, not even one video viral, but I’m there there’s one video, which is why which has more than 1 million views. But there’s a video that I’m not there in that video. My dog is there in that video. I don’t know what they have seen that video. Not even one, my video item. So I don’t make videos to become viral. I on one, one, and two to 1.3 corrode per month, more than all those people whose videos have widened. But ladies and gentlemen videos are not for becoming wider videos are to communicate with your fellow human beings.

So How Many Pages We Should Write In Our First Book?

Very good question, very good question it’s very painful. Sometimes when I see people write four to five pages and the re the big the ad, Hey, I’ve written a book download, and you take the, you write the email ID, you get the video file and you open and you page one, page two, pastry, finish, finish that journey. You have cheated that post, even if you have taken only for email already, but that’s cheating. It’s not about what you have taken against that. He will say probing, the person has, does give an email ID know somewhere in the heart. You were aware that that was not a book, just because there is an EBIT before book. That doesn’t mean that eBooks should not have value. The first eBook which I created, it has more than 90 pages. I converted my 20, 20 public speaking tips, the proper eBook around 90 pages. So ladies and gentlemen, to be very precise, at least 60 to 70 pages give value to people. Don’t be in that catch that someone told some digital marketer told that easiest way to collect email ideas is eBook. Let’s make eBook four to five pages. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Speak and groove. You do not allow doing that. That’s not fair.

Many Learning Already In The Social Media, How Can I Choose Different One?

This question is fundamentally incorrect, sir. Discussion, the question is fundamentally incorrect. Then you’re seeing that good your skill. You have to look outside. You’re saying that already there. So you’re saying you’re looking outside. Okay. What is happening in the society? Parenting? Wait a minute. I’m a leader, leadership coaching, okay. Okay. I’m good in health. I can teach health. Then you’re also looking outside. If you’re there in this workshop from the start to find your niche, you don’t have to look outside to find your niche.

You have to look inside what problem I have solved in my life. Okay. Public speaking, what benefit? I’ve got confidence, finance. Okay business also good benefits. When I solve this problem in my life, open your eyes. You will see many people. They have the same problem. Now you will say probably when I opened my eyes, I also see people already teaching public speaking skills. What is big surf? What is big. Everyone can make money provided you have a shop provided you have a good product provided you have the good raw material to sell. So don’t look outside. Look inside.

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