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by | Jul 13, 2020 | Public Speaking | 5 comments

90% of People Living An Average Life

Do you know why many, many people are not achieving their goals in their life outside because they are living without teachers. Have you seen students without teachers ? 

You know, I have done four years of engineering, every year 1st class with no ATKT. You know, I have done MBA. 

They say, 90% of people when they leave college, they live an average life. They sit on a desk and a very few people will do exceptional in their life. 

Ninety percent of people are doing average because they live without teaching. 

The only way to achieve your goals in your life is through three simple steps. 

Identify Goals

First, make your goal, If you don’t have any goal, forget it. To reach somewhere in your life, you have to know where to reach otherwise where will you reach? make your goal. 

Find Teacher

Second, if you have a goal, identify teachers. How do you identify teachers? If you have goals, identify teachers, and the easiest way to identify teachers, find people in your life who have done exactly what you want to do in your life. 

If you want to start an online business, find people who have started an online business, and are doing successfully. 

If you want to start factories, set up factories, find people who have factories, find people who have already done what you want to do in your life. 

I’m not saying that just confined yourself to family and friends is bad, but it doesn’t mean that your family and friends could be a teacher. Not necessarily. I know you love them. They love you. I know you respect them. They respect you but don’t mean they could be your teachers. 

Teachers will be available in various forms. It’s available in the book. It’s available in the seminar. It’s available in a workshop like this. 

If you’re thinking, huh, if you’re thinking that you guys will survive, but if you, you’re thinking that you will become successful and achieve your golden award without teachers, you are thinking exactly like what I thought in 2011. 

I made the same mistake. If I had been there and someone would have asked me this question, well I would not have raised my hand. In 2011, my wife and I completed around 10 years of corporate jobs.

And we were doing well in our life. I was a senior marketing manager, multinational company, US-based multinational company. And she was a senior manager in a pharma company. We were doing great flying every month, four to five cities staying in good hotels, good life, and new lovely things. 

And one day I said, dear, we have a good experience. Now we have good contacts or we have some fun now. I have a business idea. How many of you have businesses in their family? Unfortunately, you guys are fortunate, unfortunately, that time we didn’t have anyone from both sides, no one did business before. 

No one did business in our family, we have no business background, but still, we started a business and we didn’t do good to start with? 

It just took us just one year. Just one year to lose everything. We lost everything. And I say everything. I’m not talking about savings. I’m not talking about gold. I’m not talking about just mixer and refrigerator, sofa, or my home. We lost everything.

And you know why? We got overconfident. We thought “We have plenty of years of experience. We will do it; we will. We know the tricks. We have handled our business, exactly how he handled this asset.” 

We shut down that business. And we started another business. But this time we corrected our mistake. We started reaching out to people, finding people who have already achieved the goal which we want to achieve. And then we understood the process from them. We became a student again  and not within three years reached more than 10 million dollars in revenue.

Was the process easy? No. Was following that script easy? No. 

Follow Teacher’s Script of Success

It’s so common sense. It’s so common sense that if you’re starting something with a script written by someone who has already done it, there are high chances that you will achieve success. You will achieve your goal. 

Don’t you feel that if someone is telling you, “this is how you have to achieve it”,”I’ve done it.” “These are the steps if you follow that there are high chances you will achieve that, exactly how they’ve done it” and you will be closer to your goals? 

Three simple steps to achieve success in your life; 

Find your goal. 

Find your teachers.

Follow the teacher’s plan.


  1. Uma Nataraj

    Superb message,Sir. You have given us KAISEN or BLUE PRINT. We will achieve SUCCESS like YOU if we follow it. It is very true. We are very lucky that somebody has created a BLUE PRINT for us. Definitely,we need teachers and experts to guide us to use this Blue Print. Thanks yo you, Sir.

  2. Tariq Nafees

    The most efficient teacher resides within you in the form of an intelligent student.

    Praveen you are very obedient to the teacher who is sitting inside you. Mere observations can’t bring success. A failed person may be the best learner. If this happens then s/he is the best teacher and performer.

  3. Utpal Datta

    Yes, I am in search of a teacher. Will you be my teacher? My ph no 9435011354. Waiting to a receive a call from you. Regards.

  4. Qazi Hiba Zahid

    Amazing keys Sir.

    I feel like I should choose YOU as my mentor/teacher since I share the same objective as you in sense of public speaking.
    But, frankly speaking, it was one of the most amazing messages I’ve ever grasped in my life

    Grateful to you Master !

  5. Rajan chauhan

    Very nice strategy..I know your story your success..we will Learn from your expertise..keep it up..


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