Happiness Is A Choice, Let’s Choose It

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Public Speaking | 13 comments

Tragedy Struck

Friends, There’s a girl at my office. 

Her name is S*** and she’s just 30 years old. 

And three months ago she lost her husband, an absolutely unexpected event in her life. 

She Left

I still remember her coming to me and saying, Sir, I’m resigning. I’m going back to my native place to my parents, Mangalore. 

I nodded my head in agreement. 

Sometimes it’s very difficult to respond in these kinds of situations. 

But when I looked at her, she was completely broken in her eyes.

I thought she would take months and years to come back into our lives. And when I said goodbye, I thought that is the last goodbye I’m saying. I might not be meeting this lady again in my life. 

She Came Back

But within a month, my HR Manager came to me and she said S*** has applied back. She wants to join the Techizer again. I said, wow, strong girl.

And within a month she was back on board. We have one activity at the Techizer called Leap. 

The idea is very simple. Every week, Thursday from 4:00 PM to 4:20 PM. For twenty minutes we spent time together and one pre-decided person stands on the stage and performs. 

It could be dance, speaking, stand up, any personal skills. 

Just out of curiosity, I asked my Manager who’s performing next week at Leap and she said, S***. I said, “Wow strong girl.” 

She Made Others Laugh

And, on what she’s going to speak. And my Manager replied “How to stay happy”. 

And I attended that leap session. She was so animated on the stage and she actually made props to make us laugh. She wanted to make a very simple point that in every situation in our life, it doesn’t matter what kind of situation that is. You have to make a choice to stay happy or unhappy.

The only reason I’m making this video, because when I look around, I see few people when they face even small problems in their life, not as big as this, even small, they go into their shell. 

Happiness Is a Choice

They sometimes just give up and become unhappy. We all have problems in our life. I have; you have. 

But next time when I will face a problem in my life, I will remember there is a girl, somewhere her name is S***. She’s 30 years old. Three months ago, lost her husband within a month, came back to work, and then stood in front of 70 people with a smile and taught us how to stay happy.


  1. Satish Mehta

    Wonderful,Praveen.it’s a good example of learning resilience.
    Will wait for more to come.

  2. Dr.k.madhavi latha

    Real role model for the society

  3. Varshil

    Very true because we always have choice to react on problem that comes to our lives.

  4. C.Raghava Rao

    Take problems as challenges. Problem is a negative word. Every problem has a solution. When you take that as challenge, you try to seek for solution. Then you get energy. Well started is half success.

  5. Minaxi Upadhyay

    Beautiful inspirational story. Yes what S……did was absolutely right. Life has to move on. She has understood the philosophy of life. One who is born has to die one day. S….. Was a strong girl who learnt gift of life within one month and made people laugh.

    • Venugopal Pillai.J

      Hats off to the young lady for her inspiring action to come back to the main stream and stay bold!

  6. Suswaram Sridhar

    This is absolutely true. But sometimes it is difficult too. Who ever can understand this will have a phenomenal change. Best wishes to that lady. Wishes.


    Good one. The girl proved strong and taught us a good lesson.

  8. Subhash Pendke

    This is simply great 👍
    Life teach every moment new learning
    to move on .

  9. Tahir Husain

    Very inspirational! Though we know how to be happy but when actual time comes we not but some forget all these, sometimes people blame others also and curse themselves for not selecting the better option.

    Whatever happens in life good or bad it teaches you a lesson and you should be happy always and learn always.

    I appreciate her decision to resume work.

    Thank you for sharing her story.

  10. Shyam Sundar Thakur

    Sir, very inspirational story. She has made an excellent choice by choosing happiness. Without happiness success is a failure. Regards

  11. Pranuthi

    She is an epitome of strong woman.Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story.When we change the way we look at the things, the things we look at will change.

    • Rani sidhrthan

      She is brave and took right decision to join back to work.

      I appreciate Praveen for taking her back to work. You are a wonderful human being mr praveen.


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