How Do I Get The Discipline Improved?

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While Explaining In A Presentation, If Someone Disturbs In-Between The Whole Flow Get Disturbed And I Start Fluttering

That’s a very good point. But if you have missed the part of that part. But we are talking about 1% people.

So if that person’s disturbance is genuine. If that person’s disturbance is genuine, for example, someone wrote in the chat, Praveen, this is cheating. When I was selling, he said, it’s cheating. I react. I reacted, 30 seconds back to content. Why people feel it’s cheating, understand that also. People feel it is cheating because the dream which I am asking you to achieve is a very distinct dream. I showed you that I make 1.2 to 1.3 Crore per month. I told you that. I never thought I would able to achieve this.

I’m expecting you… people what they think is that he’s giving false promises. No. This promise is false only… there are two things here. If I had not achieved that dream, if I’m not making any money as a trainer and I’m expecting you, then false promise. Second, if there is no strategy, tools, techniques and methods. I have both. I have both. I have achieved it, and I have two strategies and methods. So it’s a dream which I have to work hard, my team has to work hard and even you have to work hard. So just because if someone is not able to achieve that dream is not cheating.

 In one class, if 30 students are there, if one person fail and one person got first rank, what teacher has to do with that? What school has to do with that?

It’s your responsibility, even teacher and school, but it’s your responsibility also to work hard in your life, even in public and community.

Smart work needs hard work.

How A Person Who Has Stammering Issue Can Excel In Public Speaking?

Good question.

There is a gentleman called Dananjaya Hettiarachchi. I repeat his name no, forget it.

There is a gentleman called Mohammed Qahtani. Mohammed Qahtani, in case you are writing it out, write it down. I cannot spell it. Mohammed Qahtani, he’s a world champion of public speaking, world champion. He decided to enter in speaking only because he had a problem of stammering.

So I’m the last person on the planet to tell you what to do because I didn’t face that problem. Right. I cannot guide you if I didn’t do that. But Mohammed Qahtani, just go on YouTube and type Mohammed Qahtani, World Champion of Public Speaking, you will find it. Follow that guy. He has TEDx talk. He has various content. Follow, learn from him, he will inspire you.

If you are among those people that are low in confidence. If you are among those people who fail. I failed the ninth standard. If you are those people who are introvert. If you are those people that have a fear of speaking, fear of money. I’m the person. I had all this. I don’t have fear now. I had fears in my life.

Fear is a favorite subject of mine, by the way. I have lots of fears in my life, but I do not allow to add new fears now. Once you become a Speak and Grow member, you will understand more about fear.

Only After I Improve Myself, I Could Think Of Improving People Around Me.

Very good point. My community, my nation and finally the world where I live, I’m feeling like I’m giving a motivational talk. But good, good writing. But I seem to not have that discipline to improve myself. If I fail and I fail miserably, how do I get the discipline improved? You have a command on content by the way. I want to become a good leader, a leader who people can rely upon and get motivated so they can motivate others.

Sir, if we don’t have discipline, understand. Discipline is very important. Discipline of time is the key. Wherever I’ve reached in my life, discipline of time.

Sometimes in those seven minutes when I take a break, you know what I do for two minutes? Sometimes two minutes, I just take notes. This is my notebook, I take notes. But okay. I’m talking about a seven minutes break. In the last one and a half hours, is there a point where I thought that, no, I’m not going in a flow and there is a change in the requirements system, maybe my thought process a slide, I write it down because I will forget it afterwards. And sometimes, I meditate for five minutes. It’s very difficult, even today was a very bad day.

That’s the reason I do not give a recording of the same live workshop. I give the recording of my best live workshop. Today was not the best day for me. I must tell you, especially at the start of the workshop, something happened in my personal life, so I was stressed because of that. So today is not the best. It’s just like when you play cricket, not necessarily every time you play good. Right.

Training is just like that. When go live in front of thousands of people every time you do not necessarily perform well. So I didn’t perform well today. I’m not talking about numbers. Business, that is secondary, that I always perform good. I’m talking about when I was delivering the content, there were a few moments that I was not able to focus.

So I have that discipline, I have that discipline of accepting it, I have that discipline at improving it. So even though seven minutes, sometimes I meditate. So today also, for two to three minutes, I just tried that, okay. Let me meditate for two to three minutes on why it’s happening. Let me focus. Discipline is the key, Sir.

Pulkit, you can’t become a leader if you don’t have discipline. Learn.


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