How Negativity Kills Creativity

by | Jun 11, 2020 | eLearning | 0 comments

I get so many good comments that Praveen your stories are inspiring, mesmerizing and we feel as if we are living those stories, whenever you share stories.

And whenever I read these comments in the chat, I read it and just forget it.

But then one day I got a comment that “Praveen, your story is boring”, and I’m not able to forget that comment for three days.

Why we remember negative comments for a long period of time compared to positive comments. Now, this is very important for us to understand, because if you’re not forgetting the negative comments and whenever we are negative, whenever we have negative emotions like scared or fear or feeling bad or feeling low, we can’t think creative.

And if you want to be creative in your life, you have to be positive and this kind of negative comments, if you are in business, doing this kind of business, you will get negative comments especially if you are in social media based business, you will get negative comments because there’s nothing as a storyteller, even I believe there’s nothing on the planet or no story on the planet, which is interesting for everyone.

But sometimes if it is not interesting, people do not share that it’s not interesting or it’s boring but some people are there who don’t mind sharing this, that your boring.

Now how to handle this kind of situation. It’s very simple, which I have learned from Mr. Hamid when I was in Cipla. 

So, I’ve spent from 10 years in my corporate life, nine years, I was in Cipla and I used to work very closely with Mr. Hamid. Now it doesn’t mean that I was to meet him every day. Mr. Hamid is from the managing director of the organization, is from the founding family.

So, when I say I worked very close. That doesn’t mean that I used to go to him every day and said maybe once in a week I usde to meet him because I used to sit very close to him. It’s like we had open culture, no cabins, nothing so my seat was very close. And even if he’s speaking to someone else, I could easily listen. So, if I’m not working also there’s a crash course for me just to listen to him whole day.

And one day I was telling this to one very senior person that this is the way we should treat life. If you’re happy, just clap for 30 seconds. If you’re unhappy, just cry for 30 seconds.

I think this is the way we should treat comments, feedbacks, good comments. Stay happy clap for 30 seconds, but even bad comments cry for 30 seconds and get back to work. Because when Mr. Hamid said exactly this, clap for 30 seconds, get back to work, cry for 30 seconds, get back work. 

So, in case if you’re making videos, you are doing live webinars, or if you’re a storyteller or if you’re a content creator, you’re getting good feedback, clap for 30 seconds and got back to work. If you are getting bad feedback. Don’t allow that feedback to linger in your mind, just cry for 30 seconds.

Don’t even think I will not react to it. It’s not possible. You are a human being. If someone is abusing you, if somebody is saying wrong to you, if someone is insulting your passion, insulting, your commitment, insulting your hard work. And you will think that I will not feel bad about it. It’s not possible.

You will feel bad about it but instead of feeling bad for days, hours, minutes just feel bad for few seconds and get back to work.


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