How Not to End a Presentation

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Public Speaking | 3 comments

Traditional Ways of Ending Presentations

How much time I have?” “Is my time over?” “I think I’m running out of time.”

 How many times have you seen people closing the presentation like this? 

Closing presentational like is one of the weakest ways you can close your presentation according to experts. 

The last part of your presentation, last few lines, last words, most important. Why?

Last Words Are Very Important

Because last words linger in the minds of the audience but if you’re closing, like (above) is a very weak ending. 

So how to avoid closing like this. 

Don’t Rely On A Watch

The easiest way is to use a stopwatch, not the watch, stopwatch. 

But if you’re relying on the watch, imagine for a moment that you have a presentation from 2 to 3, you have started your presentation. 

Now in the middle of the talk you want to see how much time you have in your hand right now. You look at it and then you go back on your memory lane and you ask yourself whether you have started at 2 or 2:10, or maybe early, maybe late. 

It is difficult to calculate time in the middle of the presentation. 

Get A Stopwatch

And you are never confirmed about it, you’re never 100% sure about it, if you’re using or if you’re relying on the watch, but on the other hand, if you’re using the stopwatch and just before you going in the presentation on the stage, maybe 2 minutes before start the stopwatch. 

At any point of time, you have complete control on the time. 

You know how much you have spending, how much time you have. 

And the audience always respects those speakers who respect time. 

So next time when you are going on the stage, make sure you use a stopwatch and you don’t close your presentation, like “how much time I have”. 

And if you’re not on the stage, start going. 

Separate Yourself From The Crowd

Because if you want to be a leader in your life, you have to separate yourself from the crowd. 

Stand alone to speak.


  1. Ravi S Ramakrishnan

    Well said, Praveen…. I endorse your observation….

    My coach on communication and social skills at American Express shared with me – Ravi, when you start your talk, clearly state what you are going to say during your talk, refresh it during the talk and ensure you summarize with the key take aways of your talk….

    Closing a talk is as important, as closing a sale!

  2. Uma Nataraj

    Very true. The opening and cosing lines of a presentation are very important. They stay very much in the mind of the listener. Si, it is better to use effective words. Using a stop watch to manage time is also good.


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