How To Become A Motivational Speaker

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Nowadays, I’m doing this live q&a session where people are asking questions, and then within my capacity, I’m trying to understand the question first, and then I share that one question where I always get puzzled because it is very difficult to answer that question.

That how to become a motivational speaker?

Because the definition of motivational speaking varies from person to person. Most of us, including me, when I became a student of public speaking, motivational speaking for me was talking, talking high volume, high page, moving forward, backward, walk backward, high volume, speed.

Motivational Speaking

And you get motivated because of that, what do you mean by that you are charged up, feel energetic, what to do with that, because that charge will go down as soon as you leave that conference room or that webinar, what to do with that kind of motivation.

So I thought, I’m not that kind of motivational speaker, you don’t find me screaming or speaking with high volume or with speed, high speed intentionally, but it’s coming naturally, it has to come sometimes in my life, and when I cry a lot, and I said, don’t even expect from me to say excuse me, because laughing is natural, even crying is natural. So I don’t mind crying if they’re coming naturally.

But motivational speaking, according to me, is not jumping on the stage. Even I did that before and as a student, that’s how you grow.

Motivational speaking, according to me, is sharing what you have done. That’s it.

So when you come to my live webinars or when people join my live training, I share with them that how I could able to overcome the fear of English, fear of public speaking or fear of money, what exactly I’ve done, what steps I’ve taken, however, reached TEDx nine times or how I’ve launched my first online course within 30 days, and I started earning passive income, or how within one and a half years, I was able to build this weekend grow community, which has more than 14,000 members now, or how I built this company, which is more than 200 people now.

So the answer to this question is how right do you have to answer those questions? What do you have done in your life? Just inspiring people by high volume high tone with speedy talk might motivate people, but only in the conference room.
So if the definition of motivational speaking is that, I don’t know how to become that motivational speaker? Or is it worth becoming that kind of motivational speaker? Just because you have a command of language that doesn’t mean that you can motivate people, that’s my view.

Tell your story

To be very precise, answer to this question, how to become a motivational speaker?

Close your eyes and tell one story from your life to yourself. If it is inspiring, motivating, open your eyes, you will find millions of people waiting for that story.

Still exactly how you have achieved how you have reached wherever you have reached. I don’t think anything better than this to motivate people or inspire people.

What’s your view on this?

According to you, motivational speaking is high volume, high to high pitch others sharing how you have achieved something in your life.

Share your perspective, this is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


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