How To Build Your Social Media Credibility for eLearning Business

by | Apr 27, 2020 | eLearning | 2 comments

There are three methods for building a successful social media credibility. 


This is my first video I made three years ago. Whatever I have done in public speaking has been only done since the last three years. 

I made those videos and they really helped me understand the process of making videos. My perspective for making videos is this. That at any point of time, the only time when you will grow in life is when you share your ideas, thoughts, values and suggestions. 

If you go back and look at history, people became big only when they were sharing their ideas, thoughts, values and suggestions, when they were standing on the stage and speaking. 

Nowadays, it is so simple. Anyone on the planet, if you have a story, if you have an idea, you can make a video and post it on social media. If you know how to spend a little money, you can reach thousands of people. 

It’s an opportunity to make videos. When I was in corporate I never thought like that but now making video is a simple opportunity to share whatever you want to share with the world. 

Initially when I was making videos, I was not making videos on public speaking. I was making videos on just my ideas and thoughts. The first series was based on my book, “Stop Buying Medicines”. 

I started making videos on things that I wanted to share with the world.

Why make video? 

If anyone thinks that No No I can’t make videos, you can’t build an eLearning model. It will be impossible to do that. 

The only reason I am saying this if you are allergic to making videos is because you are worried about what people will say and think, what comments I will get. 

How long?? How long will people dictate your actions? 

How long will you not take the decision? 

People will say things either way. 

If you are honest with your presentation, if you are confident about your content, forget grammar, forget English, forget all that. Use the current technology. Use the videos to reach more and more people. 

It does not mean that you should not work on your communication but the mindset that you should have towards videos is that I am making videos to build authority on social media. 

Imagine there is a doctor making videos and you see that doctor’s video on social media again and again, you see him talking about diabetes, etc, what will happen here is, indirectly you are creating an image about this doctor, that this doctor is an authority, he/she knows what they are talking about. 

The number one way you can develop social media credibility is by making videos. If you think that no, I cannot make videos, eLearning business is not for you. 

Now, Where to make videos, whether to make videos on instagram or facebook or youtube, that we will learn but first you have to make the mindset that first you have to make videos to build authority. If you are not building authority, you are gone. 


Another way of building authority / credibility is to write a book. According to a study, 80% of people want to become an author. 

Now you will say “Praveen, who will write a book,I don’t have the time or the inclination to write a book”. 

There are two ways here. 

Take a shortcut. 

The shortcut is this, make sure whatever topic you are making, if you are starting a video series on a topic, select one topic about your niche, whether its guitar or body building, make 10-15 videos on that. Post those videos on social media. You will be building credibility that way and you can easily convert  those 10-15 videos into an eBook. 

Youtube has a feature where you can create a transcription of that video. If you have pronounced things correctly, you can easily get the transcription and you can download that and there, your eBook is ready. 

Then just go to and create a book cover for your eBook.  

Or if you want to publish your book, you can even publish your book. There are so many publishers out there. 

I prefer as a self-publishing house. You have to give them a manuscript and they will give you a proper handbook.  


Start sharing your quotes. Some people think that you can only share your quote if you are a legend. 

Everyone on this planet can share their quotes. Your beliefs are your quotes. 

How to make your quotes. 

This is one of my favorite quotes, 

“If the audience is sleeping then someone needs to wake up the speaker”. That’s my belief. 

So, make sure you start sharing the quotes. 

These are the three methods of building credibility on social media. 

Now which is the best platform. 

I have used only 3 platforms. 




But from a business standpoint I use only Facebook. 

Last point about credibility. 

I have been training for the last 1 year and there is one thing which I don’t like. 

There are people who launch a book and then they say I am a best seller. 

So many trainers say “India’s First, World’s First, No 1”.

I never use such terminology. I am not talking about people who have achieved something. 

I am talking about people who have just started training and they have become No.1 or bestselling author or international best seller. Avoid that. 

Teach people only that which you have learned in life.


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