How To Choose a Trainer?

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

I believe there are two types of people on this planet. One after school and college, they believe that learning is over and they believe that whatever skills they have is enough. And with these skills only they will grow and they will achieve what they want to achieve in their life.

And another types of people are people who continuously believe in learning new skills, acquiring new skills, enhancing new skills. If you’re that kind of person, you might be looking for a trainer because if you really want to acquire or enhance any skill, you have to go to a trainer.

Now in the light of the fact that so many trainers are available, when you want to learn or enhance one skill is very important to learn how to select the correct trainer.

Very easy to do that. Understand the difference between trainer and teacher. Teacher, go back on a memory lane.

Remember if Geography teacher is absent, then History teacher is coming and teaching geography. Teacher can teach anything, nothing right or wrong in that. It’s a very good skill, but teacher can teach anything.

Trainer can’t teach anything. Let’s understand this with this simple example. You want to acquire a skill of digital marketing, want to improve your digital marketing skills. Now, if you’re selecting a person who’s only teaching digital marketing and doing nothing in his life, his or her work is only teaching digital marketing, then he’s a teacher.

But if that person is also implementing digital marketing skills to do something else in his life, maybe he’s running a company and using digital marketing to improve their company sales. If digital marketing is helping that person to grow in his life, not by just teaching, but implementing digital marketing skills to grow in their life, then he/she is a trainer.

You should look for a trainer like this. Just don’t look for a person who is just teaching that skill. Look for a person who is implementing that skill in his or her life and growing.

The biggest advantage you get when you select a trainer like this because that person is implementing that skill and his or her growth is based upon that, you get all updated. You get all recent from that skill, example, take public speaking skills.

Because I have to implement public speaking skills in my life. I have to stand in front of my people as an entrepreneur, when I stand in front of my team members, I have to use public speaking skills. When I stand in front of my investors, I’ve used public speaking skills. So, in my life I have to stay updated on public speaking skills because I have to implement public speaking skills in my life.

So when I teach that because I’m implementing in my life and I’m teaching public speaking skills to people, I get access to latest access to a recent developments in public speaking, because I’m just not teaching I’m implementing and when you implement, you learn it and same learning can share with your students.

So, to select your correct trainer observe this, whether you’re selecting a teacher or whether you’re selecting a trainer, but make sure you’re learning in your life, make sure you’re acquiring new skills or enhancing your current skills. That is the easiest way to grow in life.


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