How To Create a Video Kit For eLearning Business

by | May 10, 2020 | eLearning | 5 comments

You should have your home video kit. If you want to create that eLearning setup, it is highly recommended that you have your own Home Video Kit. It is not possible to hire a cinematographer for making online courses. All my online courses are developed using Home Video Kit. 

It is very reasonable to create your own kit. The following are the components of a home video kit. 

Chromakey Set

I strongly recommend that you have the chromakey set. If you have this, then you don’t have to look for a spot or a corner in your home. You want your courses to look professional and you cannot shoot them in a living room background. That’s why the chromakey background is very important. 

It costs about Rs. 2000 for the stand and Rs. 400 for the cloth. Total Rs. 2400 for the chromakey backdrop. 

Do you know why the color of chromakey is green? 

Green is the only color that is not present in your body and hence can be deleted from the video easily and replaced with a good background while editing the videos. 

This video is made at my home. I was standing against a wall. Later the editor replaced it with a favorable background. 

Ensure that you don’t wear a green shirt while recording. 


Mic is a very important part of video making. Boya mic is one of the best mics. 

Cost Rs. 800

Smartphone stand 

All my online courses were shot on a phone. We don’t need a DSLR. We don’t want to show our courses in theaters. They will either be displayed on mobile or a laptop or a desktop. 

It costs Rs. 1499. 


You need to have lights so that you can convert any corner of your home into a studio. Sometimes you want to record late at night or early in the morning. That time you need the lights. 

Cost Rs. 4399 

If you add all the costs, its around Rs. 9000 total cost of video kit. 

Do not buy a DSLR camera or a new smartphone. Use the phone that you have for recording.


  1. Utpal Datta


    • Usha Vijayaraghavan

      Are the products mentioned in videokit available in Amazon?

  2. Ramesh rathod

    Thanks sir very useful information

  3. vasu gupta

    Really nice, helpful and concise post. The other best thing I liked was you also shared the snapshots and details, cost of the equipment you use for creating video content.



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