How To Deal With Haters On Social Media?

by | Mar 17, 2020 | eLearning | 2 comments

Whenever we get into selling intellectual property products online, invariable, most of us have to handle negative comments. There are always those few nuggets who spew all the negativity in their own lives on your post. So, how do we handle such situations?

Look at the snake in the picture below. 

Only 2% are actually poisonous. In India, only 4 types of snakes are poisonous.  But imagine a snake in front of you and you will be scared. I will be scared! 

That’s the mindset we have towards every species including human species. We know that in this species, there are atleast 2% of them who are poisonous but we  don’t know which are those. So we get very scared. 

This is true with human species also. Sometimes, you will find some people, among us who have this unique ability to produce venom by words. 

A passionate person like me, who has a vision to help people learn public speaking skills, business skills, I get these comments (below). 

Bhai, you are a very good comedian, when you speak we all laugh. 


First get some sleep to look fresh. 

I know that I am no Shahrukh Khan, I look the way I look. 

These comments look very hurtful and disturbing.  But it’s time we understand how to react to such comments. 

We cannot stop such people. 

BTW, I have the longest hair in my family, longer than my wife, longer than my mother. 

But imagine a person like this commenting on my hair. (Picture Below). 

I am making a very serious point here. If you are working hard  in your life, and then you see some people commenting on your passion, your dedication and your commitment, especially when these people have no right to do that.. 

What do you do? Ignore? 

No! I don’t want to give you this illusion, that, ignore these people, don’t react because I know it’s not possible. We are not Buddhas. We are common people. 

But you can do one thing. Decrease the duration of your reaction. 

We reach more than 45 million people every week on social media. If I start reacting to everyone, it will be very difficult for me to stay sane. 

Earlier I used to think about these comments for a day, then for an hours, then for minutes, then for seconds, then for fraction of seconds, then for moments, fraction of moments. 

Imagine you are speaking in front of people, there are two scenarios. 

There is a snake in front of you. There are 1-2 % of poisonous snakes. In humans also there are 1-2 % humans who have a unique ability to produce venom, accept them. 

In case they bite, don’t react. Words don’t kill you like Venom. Only react for a fraction of seconds. Apply simple mathematics. There are 98% people who want to listen to you, who respect you, who are nice to you. Accept those people. 

If you think too much abou th 1-2% people, you will be doing injustice to the 98% people there who are listening to you. 

If you want to look at it statistically, look at the image below. 

There are 23000 people who LIKED, there are 860 people who LOVED, I am talking about this 24 and 18 people, hardly 1% of people……

why give them so much importance? 


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