How To Engage Audience

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Like we have two types of singers, we also have two types of speakers.

One type of singer is like when that person is singing, that person is trying to involve the audience and that person is doing something like this and you know, do something like this or something like this, you might have seen that, right?

You try to involve the audience.

And one singer is like, the person has nothing to do with the audience. That person just immerses in that song, and even though, he’s not still or behaving like a statue, he’s moving but all the moments whatever, he’s doing is the output of the song only. An audience is enjoying all that.

Two types of singers; the same

There are two types of speakers. One speaker, who’s trying to speak only for the audience, and trying to validate several times whether you’re understanding, not understanding. This I have seen a lot in motivational speakers just to ensure that people are listening to them.

In the middle only they make people stand, in the middle only say hi to the person who is sitting next to you, high-five this and that. Say yes, I can do it. They all do that. They try to engage the audience. Right.

And another, there are few people who just want to go on the stage and share the content. That content could be stories, perspectives, and they’re not worried whether people are listening to or not listening, like in singer number two, that person is not worried whether people are listening or not listening, because that person believes in that my objective of standing on the stage is to sing well.

If I sing well, automatically, the audience will be engaged. I don’t have to take extra efforts, which will divert me from the song in ensuring whether the audience is engaged or not.

Same with speaking also. All this extra effort we take to engage the audience, and these are not cerebral engagement.

What do we mean by cerebral engagement?

cerebral engagement means people are listening to you like this.

All this physical engagement where we make people stand, and dance and ask people again and again, say yes, say hi, these and that, these are all physical engagement.

If You’re Focused On Your Content, Audience Will Focus On You

So, if you’re trying to engage audience physically, somewhere, you’re not confident about your content, somewhere you’re not confident about your song or lyrics, or maybe your voice.

Same with speaking also, ladies and gentlemen, next time when you’re going on the stage, my strong recommendation is this, if you’re sharing something, from your experience in an organized way, and if you are a student of communication, if you have learned techniques and methods of communication, you were expecting going on the stage without learning techniques and methods picking  on fair expectation, you know that I’m not saying this for the first time, nor for the last time.

But, if you learn the techniques and methods, and if you have good content, then don’t try to engage the audience physically. Unnecessarily, don’t ask the audience to show your hand, raise hand.

Honestly, don’t do that. Just focus on your content, and if you’re focused on your content, audience will focus on you.

That’s my perspective.

What is your perspective? What you feel? What kind of singer do you like? A singer who’s trying his best to engage the audience or singer who’s immersed in the song.

What kind of speaker do you like?

A speaker who’s trying to engage the audience by making them stand and clap or a speaker who’s just focused on the content and delivering that content effectively and you’re just listening to that person.

Share your perspective.

This has been Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


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