How To Find Your Skill For Starting eLearning Business

by | Apr 20, 2020 | eLearning | 1 comment

There are two types of skills. 

Pain Skills or Pleasure Skills. 

Now whether you have selected pain skills or pleasure skills, the potential is huge in both. 

Pleasure skills are those skills that are saleable but not scalable. This means that with your pleasure skills, you will be able to sell but the potential to scale with those skills will be less, you won’t be able to reach millions and billions of people with those. 

For example, if you want to teach “How to play a guitar”. Saleable skill but not scalable. There are a lot of people who want to learn guitar but not a lot of people will learn guitar. 

Another example, excel, advanced excel. There would be some people interested in learning but not a lot. In the beginning of your career you might want to learn advanced excel but not when you reach a leadership position. Saleable but not scalable. 

Not everyone has hotstar and Netflix but they are hugely profitable businesses.  It is a pleasure skill.

Pain skills 

Everyone wants to learn and the three top areas where people want to learn are, Health (fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, yoga etc), Relationships (parenting, romantic, etc), Money.   

These skills are saleable and scalable. 

You can only teach when you know something. You can only teach money making when you have made money. You can only teach relationships, when you are good at them, you can only teach bodybuilding when you are a body builder. 

Very few people in training are actually making money. Especially those people who are married to traditional techniques and methods. 

You are adopting technology then there is no problem. 

There are three areas where you have to decide whether your skill is under pain or pleasure. 

If under pleasure, no reason to worry. Netflix and Hotstar are making huge amounts of money. 

But if your skill is under pain, then highly saleable and highly scalable. 

Tell me, is Public Speaking under pain or pleasure?

You have to see how you can connect your skill to pain. 

I have told this a thousand times that my objective is not to get my students to stand in front of a thousand people and give a speech. My objective is to help people to speak whenever they are in front of their colleagues, seniors, juniors, grow in their life, get that promotion, career growth. 

Many of my students are in the employability domain. Helping people to get increments, helping people to get promotion, helping people to get a job. It is under pain. 

If your skill is meditation, even though it comes under health, can you connect it to pain? 

If you can meditate, then you can focus on your work and if you can focus on your work then you can earn more money. 

You have to ensure that how you can connect your skill with the #1 skill which is money. But make sure it is an honest connection. 

If it is a forceful connection, then the audience will come to know. 

If you connect Public Speaking with growth, then I can tell that public speaking has helped me in my entrepreneurial journey, it has helped me build good relationships, which has helped me make more money. So you have to be honest about it. 

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  1. Sudhakar Jha

    Great insight given by Praveen sir.. I am blessed to have you as a mentor and guru.. You are inspiration sir..


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