How To Increase Your Daily Work Productivity?

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Public Speaking | 3 comments

I always think, how can I increase my productivity? 

Daily Productivity

Now, when I’m talking about productivity, I’m talking about daily productivity. 

Many times, we say that you should have a wonderful year ahead. But to make a wonderful year ahead, our days should be good. Days are the basic unit of the year. 

Now as a pharmacist, let me tell you that for a good kidney, we need good nephrons, the basic cells of the kidney. 

For good lungs, we need good alveoli, the basic cells of the lungs. 

Similarly, for a good year, you have to make sure that our days are productive. 

When I say productive, at the end of the day, every day, I should feel satisfied. I should feel that I’ve got some results. And third, I should be able to finish the task, which I started. 

It’s very easy to start things, but very difficult to finish things. 

Solo Trips Learnings

I think solo trips like these can help me to increase my productivity because solo trips like these helped me to understand my personality, what I like. 

Imagine for a moment that you are doing a five days solo trip. 

Now there are two types of solo trekkers or solo travelers. 


One, a person will come here, find a place which is good, according to his dream place. Now just see this Lake, a beautiful Lake, no one around, good air, you can sit here for hours. Now you found a place and we spent maybe out of five, two to four days here only because you have liked it. You are just — you have a camp here. You have a tent here. Everything is there. You are just enjoying it. You found your place; you are stable now. Now that personality is a person who likes stability. 


Now, exactly opposite to that is a personality that doesn’t like stability. A person like me. I found one place, a very good place. I’m spending a good time here. But I know in the next two hours, I will be somewhere else. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying this place. I’m absorbing the atmosphere of this Lake here. I’m sitting here for hours, but after two hours, I will be somewhere else. Maybe after three hours, I will be somewhere else. Well, I don’t know where I will be. And I’m the personality who likes instability and uncertainty. 

Now there’s nothing right and wrong in this. 

But if this is my personality, if this is what I like, I have all the opportunity, all the rights of putting a tent here and staying here for the next two days. But I’m not liking it. And I know so many solo travelers who do that. That’s their personality. 

But if these are the two core personalities, and if I take this at the workplace, — imagine for a moment, I’m an unstable guy who doesn’t like to do the same thing for a long period of time, doing the same work throughout the day. Will I be satisfied at the end of the day? 

Work With Your Personality Type

No, because I’m doing something which is against my personality. I don’t like doing the same work throughout the day. 

So, if I’m doing that, I’m doing something which is not suitable to my personality. 

Rather, what I will do, for example, I decide I will do four things today and all four are equally important for my business. Maybe I will spend two hours with my team. I will spend two hours on the new products, which are for the company, which is my core responsibility. I will spend two hours writing and I will spend two hours reading business-related information. 

What I’m doing now, because I know I’m not the person who can stay at one work, I have four works which are equally important for my business growth. And then I’m doing this, jumping here… This is exactly what I do in solo travel because I like it. 

Are You Satisfied At The End Of The Day?

Can I do this at my work also? So, at the end of the day, I’m all satisfied. I’ve worked according to my personality. 

Maybe someone who liked doing only one thing. 

So, out of these four maybe I will say today, I will do only this. 

End of the day, that person will be satisfied because that person has done something, which is according to his or her personality. 

What’s Your Personality Type?

By the way, what’s your personality? Whether you like to get stable at one place or at one work, or you love the uncertainty, the instability that even you don’t know where you will be after two hours?


  1. Vishal Panchal

    Your Blogs are like your Speech/Presentation long enough to cover the subject and long to keep the audience interested.

  2. Vishal Panchal

    Sir, Your Blogs are like your Speech/Presentation long enough to cover the subject and short enough to keep the audience interested.

  3. Uma Nataraj

    Am a person who gets easily bored with mundane activities. At the same time, i stick to something if am Passionate about it. I enjoy doing the same thing again and again because am passionate About it. Variety is the spice of Life.


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