How To Interact With Parents

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Me and my friend, when I said friend, not a close friend or best friend, someone I just met there, I and my friend, it was a boy, we were sitting together.

One girl from the roof, she said, Excuse me? Would you like to come with me to Lake?

But there was an absolute silence between me and my friend, we started looking towards each other. Why she’s asking?

My friend is a bachelor, he is around 25-26 years old. So when you are a bachelor, when you’re 25-26, your state of mind and your hormonal balance is different.

I’m 40, right? I’m married. When you are 40, then your state of mind and your hormonal balance is different.

So we listened to her. .

And she said I’m speaking to you.

Would you like to come with me to the lake?

Already mountains, no people. It means only you and me. We are going together to a lake.

And I decided to take the support of silence. I didn’t say anything.

But my friend said he was a local guy. He was from that from Dharamsala only.

He said in Hindi ‘Main apko jaanta nahin hoon?’.

Those people who can’t understand Hindi he said, I don’t know you.

She said even I don’t know you. hahahah

I was listening to this.

She came down.

And then she asked me, are you coming with me?

I said No.

I said I’ve come from Mumbai. He’s a very good friend of mine. I met him last time also. And this time I had certain plans and we are discussing something very important.

So, I have a genuine reason for not coming with you because I want to spend time with him. I have limited time to spend hence I said no.

I looked towards him. I said to my friend you take the decision. I am no one to decide on behalf of you.

He looked down and he said no. He didn’t explain, he said no.


And then the girl turned back and then she disappeared from the scene.

We both expressed in this particular situation based upon the understanding of what she said, when she said will you come with me to a lake we both expressed via words or whether we expressed, we were talking in our mind, but we both expressed based upon the understanding.

So we have very rarely, we get this very rarely, 100% people.

I’ve been doing these live webinars or these kinds of live webinars for last two and a half years. We meet 3000-4000 people in zoom.

Very rarely get I get 100% people sometimes I feel even if god is coming.

A small percentage of people will say oh no, no no not matching my expectation god no-no, not less.

So very rarely 100% of people click on A,

What is the truth. Her name is Vishakha, beautiful soul.

What is the truth?

I met this girl in the evening as I told you that I was living in the hostel and in the hostel you just meet people you don’t have to worry about.

We just joined the group and joined the discussion just I saw that girl and then we started the conversation.

And then she said, Praveen, I’m the community manager of this property. It’s my responsibility to take the guests to the lake. That’s a part of my job to take guests to the lake. I got silent for some time.

Understanding Matters!

The fundamental question which you have to ask is, when we express, it means we are a part of a conversation.

If I’m expressing it means that two people it implies that two people, right or more than two people, it doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking in front of 10 but at least there has to be some.

Even if you have the command on your language, I’m not denying the importance of command, but unless and until you are not understanding the feeling behind it, I said feelings, not words, and the feeling behind the words which are coming from the other person. Unless and until you don’t understand the feeling behind those words. The reason behind those words whatever you’re saying is meaningless because you are reacting or responding to that as per your understanding, which is not necessary, the same understanding of the speaker.

So when your parents are speaking to you, and when you are answering not necessary, you’re answering the question which they are asking.

You might be answering something else.

They are asking something else.


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