How To Make Money While You Travel

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Back in January 2020, I was speaking to my mother and I said to my mother, I have never seen you going out alone in your life. Whenever you have travelled, you have travelled with my father. And travelling with my father is always very restrictive, go there, do not go there, sit there, do not sit there, eat this, do not eat this. They absolutely love each other but that’s how their relationship is. 

I said, Mother, Let’s travel together. Just you and me. First we thought let’s go international, then we thought let’s go to Goa, then we thought No, Let’s go to a place where my mother is connected from her heart. So we decided to enlist all the places where my mother visited in the past or is somehow connected with, may be her birthplace, school, and meet all her old connections. 

My Mother and I Took Off

When we started our journey, we had no return tickets, nothing. We thought lets take the one side tickets and let’s see when we feel like coming back. And throughout our journey, we met with amazing people, relatives and friends whom she and we had not met in a long time. 

My mother belongs to a very small rural place in the interiors of Maharashtra called Taroda, hardly 400 people in that village. We met her best friend from childhood, we saw her home, where she was born, her friends, the people who played a very important role in my mother’s life. 

Also, another little anecdote. My mother never really saw her mother. She was just 3 years old when her mother passed away. And in those days there were no images of people. So I thought, now that we are visiting so many places, why not find her mother’s picture.

We had fun travelling together, to different parts of Maharashtra, from one village to another village. 

Purpose of Telling You This Story

During this period, from 6th Jan to 17th Jan, I had automated the selling of my online course on Public Speaking for Rs 1999 each. 

If you have to take a wild guess how much revenue did I earn by selling this course of Rs. 1999 in that period? 


I made Rs. 43,13,842 in those 11 days. 

We sold a total of 2158 courses for 1999 each. 

Following are the payment gateway screenshots. Most payments were received by instamojo, other payments were received on other payment gateways like razorpay, paypal, paytm etc. 

So how is this related to my mother’s story? 

The relation is this. I made this amount of Rs. 43,13,842 online selling my eLearning product WHILE I was travelling with my mother to different parts of rural Maharashtra. I had no internet access. I was not even working for those 11 days of my life. 

And let me tell you that this is the most legal and the safest way of making money. 

But there is a fundamental question that we must answer. 

If someone tells you that “I am making Rs. 1 CR per month” what is the next question that you should ask them? 

How? Is it legal? Etc. No! 

As an entrepreneur, the best follow up question is “Praveen, how much have you invested in making this kind of money?”

That’s the fundamental difference between job and entrepreneurship. I have been an employee for 10 years and I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years. 

In a job, you just trade your time for money, no matter whether you are a fresher or at the top of the ladder. You don’t give money to your company.

But in business, it’s not about trading time. It’s about trading money. 

So let me show you the investment. In this kind of model, your 90% spend goes in Facebook ads. 

We spent Rs. 21,40,49 lakhs in Facebook ads as seen above. 

That means my profit was Rs. 21,73,793

All this money Rs.1.8 Lakhs per day was made when I was travelling. 

There is a website called 

When you put your numbers there, it will show you where you rank compared to the other richest people in the world by income. 

As an Indian, I love Sunder Pichai, the feat that he has achieved is incredible. 

But how much is he earning.

USD 2 million per year or Rs 15 Crore.

Of course we cannot match his business acumen, his passion, his lifestyle but can we match our earnings? 

This is what I have realised. We don’t have to climb the corporate ladder to make this kind of money. 

All our lives, we spend most of our time earning money. In the next few months, I will retire and I will not be trading my time to generate money. 

I will be automating my systems to make enough money while I spend my time doing things that I live, like travelling with my mother. 

Create a system like this so that you can also make money while you sleep or travel or do whatever you want or love to do. 



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