How To Manage Fear?

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Sometimes when we react to our fear, we get scared and it’s very obvious, we are human beings. But what do you mean by fear? What exactly fear is?

This I realized when I was doing vipasanna, in case if you’re not aware of vipasanna, it’s simple meditation technique which Buddha use to teach 2,500 years ago, a technique, the proper steps and processes, which we had to follow.

Now, when I say 2,500 years, is not very far. Evolution started 25 million years ago. Keeping that in mind it is quite recent then. And in vipasanna, I realize this, the best way to live life, is to stay equanimous, don’t react. What do you mean by that?

It means something happening good in your life, don’t react because if you react to good, then your mind will say, I need more good. And then something bad happens in your life, then you will also say that I don’t want this bad. Even if that bad has gone, but still your mind will say, Oh, it should not come back.

So, if we keep reacting like this we can’t stay stable in life. To stay quiet we must maintain equanimity. Now we are human beings and it will be very difficult for us to reach that level according to me. 

So, what I started doing in my life is I react but I react only to truth, not to my imaginations. What do you mean by that?

So, example, take one boy going for an interview. Now, if the boy is reacting that what if I crack this interview? How I will react, then what I will reveal this information in front of my friends, how they will react, what they will do, how I will celebrate this and that, then you’re just reacting to imagination or on other side, what if I don’t get selected? What my parents will feel? What my friends will feel? What I will do in my life? Going to reacting, but reacting to imagination.

What is the truth? The truth is an interview. You should prepare, spend your time, energy, money, resources to prepare for that interview. That’s the truth. What you have in your hand is the interview. That’s the truth.

Another example, take COVID. Unfortunately we are locked down, Now under this lockdown, I understand that so many people are under pain but there are many people who are not, many people are still healthy, but if we started reacting to this, then what if I get positive, then I will not get ambulance. Then I will not get that bad. The ventilator will be available or not available? Will I be alive or not? There’s now angry imagination and most of the time when we react like this, it’s very difficult to stay stable. And most of the time, your fear is imagination only, your fear is not truth.

Most of the time we react to imagination which is fear and we get scared. What is the logic of reacting to imaginations?

So, in case if you have fear in your life, if you say no Praveen, my fear is not imagination, my fear is reality. Then the only way to overcome or to handle that fear, learn the techniques and methods. 

So, example, many people they say that Praveen, public speaking is my fear and then next day, when in the morning they have to stand in front of people. They have all these imaginations that people will listen to me and not listen to me, this and that but that I was able to speak, not good or bad. All this fear, that’s only imagination.

What is the reality? Learn the techniques and methods and speak in front of people.

The only way to overcome the fear is to learn how to handle that fear, if you have a fear of water, learn how to swim. So next time, if you have fear, if you’re getting scared, ask herself, close your eyes and ask yourself, is this reality or imagination?

If it is imagination, leave it but if it is reality, learn the techniques and methods for handling that fear.

Try to reduce the number of fears in your life by learning the techniques and methods. Don’t try to be a fearless human being.


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