How To Optimise Video Editing in eLearning Business

by | May 27, 2020 | eLearning | 1 comment

As a trainer entering into the online market, you have many things on your plate. 

You have to research and create a nicely structured, informative and yet precise eLearning content. 

You have to package it as a nicely developed product. 

You have to shoot all that video content and get your course recording complete. 

Now who will edit the videos and get them market ready? 

No. 1 mistake that new trainers make when entering the eLearning business is that they have to do everything themselves. Right from video editing to digital marketing, they want to do everything themselves. 

But I have to tell you here that your focus should not be editing videos or focusing on learning digital marketing. 

Your focus should be on training, delivering your content to your students, refining your content, upgrading your content over time and delivering results. 

All the technical aspects of your business should be outsourced. 

Now editing your content can be outsourced to any videographer. 

All you have to do is tell the timestamps where they clip your video and write the copy that goes in the video text. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. You cannot expect the editor to decide which portion of your content to keep and which to remove. That’s not his job. 

The editor will remove the green screen and replace it with a nice office background picture. Background music also, the editor can add. 

If you haven’t read my blog on how to create videos at home, using a home video kit, then read it here

Now some of you will say, who will take the effort to find out the timestamps where to clip, and write the copy that goes into the video. And you are right. It is a lot of effort and I take that effort because I am focused on what returns I am going to get by being so meticulous. 

If you really want to try your hand at editing then there are a lot of editing software available for free of cost. Just google and you will come across many. 

You might save Rs 1000-2000-3000 by editing your videos but look at the time investment. We are talking about a minimum business of Rs. 1L – 2L – 3L or more per webinar. It’s your choice. 

People are making crores of Rs, so think about investing. 

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  1. Varinder jindal

    Now we have to make videos and this should be sent to you ? But what about the content?


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