How To Speak Fluently?

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 1 comment

 I remember someone asking me how to speak fluently. And for a moment, I thought the very obvious answer, which I’ve heard from many people that to speak fluently, you have to have a very good command on language.

Now do this exercise. Imagine you’re speaking with someone in English, which is not your mother tongue. You’re speaking with someone in English and then you are not able to share something the way you want to share, not as per your expectation. Change the language, come to your mother tongue, and try to share that, try to explain that.

Do this many times you will see, you will observe that you are not able to share that thought effectively, even in your mother tongue.

So, language is just a way you could to deliver your thought. If you really want to speak fluently, your thought has to be fluent in your mind, the organization of thought or the way the thought is structured in your mind.

If that is correct, if that is fluent, then automatically you will able to speak fluently. That doesn’t mean that if you have not learned any language, just not English, take any language.

If you don’t have any command on that language and if you’re trying to use that language as a vehicle to deliver that thought, then of course, there will be a certain degree of dis-fluency in that.

But the point I’m making is that even if you have a command on language, but if you’re thought is not fluent in your mind, it is very difficult to speak fluently.

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  1. Shekhar Khobrekar

    When we are born,we are not born with any language fluency.It is our mother who teaches how to speak small words in her mother tongue.So you are exposed only to that particular language.So,like wise you have to find a mother who will speak with you only in English.As an adult we can replace MOTHER with MENTOR.Remember your mother was with you for 24hrs.So, a MENTOR can be with you for at least one hour.Try to see that you pay your MENTOR,without which seriousness doesn’t come.One every day excercise can be done,which is,please read a simple 8th std book loudly,for 15mins daily,and record your reading on mobile.After you finish recording,playback your recording and hear it for yourself.This way you will be able to know what is your progress.


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