How Much Should I Charge For Courses As A Trainer?

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If You Published On Udemy Then Can You Take That Content To YouTube?

Good question. So ask for the Udemy policy. They say, this is their policy; whether you want to follow their policy, or not follow their policy, that’s secondary, but what is the policy? The policy is this, that if you’re uploading it free, if the course is free as per their policy, you should not upload on other platforms.

But if it is paid, then you are, as per their policy, you can upload anywhere.

Now why this policy is like this, you can ask Udemy only, but that’s the policy. So to be very precise, yes.

If it is paid, you can upload anywhere.

I Want To Teach Ancient Scripture, Like Upanishads, Vedas? Do You Have TG For That?

I want to teach ancient scripture, like vedas, upanishads, vedas. Okay, I don’t want to mess up with that pronunciation. Do we have niche for that?

Very good question. That probably my niche is so micro, so micro that I’m not clear whether I have a niche for that. Understand this very careful. That’s a very, by the way, how many people have this question in their mind? Just click on ‘A’. But Praveen, I don’t know whether I have a target audience for my niche, if you have that question in your mind. Oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh, okay. Let me, let me share 80%. I should have. If 80% of people are thinking like this, then I should have had this as a part of my core content only.

Understand this ladies and gentlemen, grapes and watermelon.

When you train people physically, what do you mean? Physically, physical training? When you train people physically, it’s what grapes? What do you mean by grapes? Grape is small, right?

But when you train people online, the world is the market, is watermelon.

Now whether you want to have a small part of the grape or a small part of the watermelon, but in any case, the small part of the watermelon will be always bigger than the smaller part of the grape.

If not understood, please understand as Indian, forget other countries as Indian, you have the best opportunity you are living in the country where we have 1.3 billion people.

Even the skill like Vedas, you will find lots of people because you have watermelon. Lots of people are interested in this. Of course, there are certain skills, like skills related to health, skill related to relationships, skills related to money where everyone wants to learn.

Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants to wants to have good relationships. Everyone wants to have to have money, but that doesn’t mean that skills like Vedas can’t make millions.

No, no, no, no, no. Because we are targeting watermelon and even a small part of watermelon is enough.

You can still reach millions and make millions. Number one.

Number two, already forget that. Forget that. If you are really passionate about Vedas, don’t feel the mindset of technology. Don’t you. I mean that it’s your responsibility to reach people.

So if you are saying that, because there is no target audience, even if there are few, even if there are a few, don’t you feel that you are doing injustice with this few people. Also, if you got really passionate about your skills, then you should still do that.

But my experience is that even if it’s a skill like Vedas, there are people who want to learn Vedas from you.

So make sure do it, take a call, take a decision, do it. I’m ready. Oh, one minute.

Let me give one example on very, very good example on Vedas. There’s one speak and grow member. He’s a leader. He has worked as a CEO of various big, big companies. And you know, what he’s teaching? He’s teaching how to apply the learnings from Gita, learnings from Gita in business.

I said, wow, that’s good. And he’s doing good. It’s like, because he’s excited about it. So there’s business for everyone.

Praveen Can You Please Expand On How To Publish Books?

Yeah, that’s a good question.

There are two ways of publishing books.

One, you say, I want to be authored. I just want to author. Yes. When you write a book, no matter how you write, but you always love your content. People loving or not loving that is secondary. You love your content. And they say Praveen I have the content I want to publish a book.

So either you can go to a self-publishing house, like So you’re sitting in front of a boy who has got 38, 37 in English do not expect correct spelling from me. So So they are a self-publishing house. Now, even I did that. I said, I want to write a proper book yeah. The people read or not read. I want that feeling of having a book in my hand. I still have that book in my, in my library in a small library. So I said, I want a proper book. Let me take that book and show it to you.

Here is this book. So I said, I will have a proper book, right? So I attended a guided about workshop, he said, the first book has to be 70 to 80 pages. So 70 to 80 pages, I wrote a proper book.

Good people are not buying it, that is secondary. But I had that, that I’ve written a book published. Published means what?

A properly published, available in various platforms, and when people buy, they get this, they get proper book.

Another, you say, I don’t want to take that much effort. Also. I just want to become an author. And then you write a book. Maybe if you’re using the technique, which I’ve shared with you, 15 to 20 videos, convert that into a script, write the book and upload on Kindle. It’s free. How to do that is available, Free, tutorials are available there, upload on Kindle.

On Amazon, again, you become author there. So this is one way of becoming author which is shortcuts.

Now Notion Press will not help you to write a manuscript. Of course it is your book, you have to write.

So another way of writing a book, because I’ve done both, another writing book, which I have been trying for last almost six months now, something which you really strongly believe, and you think that it can change the world. And as Steve jobs said, only those people can change the world, those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world. And I’m crazy enough to think that yes, I can change the world.

So there’s one belief I had at the age of 14, that we have been behaving on things which has been told to us.

For example, this, we have been told that, if you’re a boy cut hair, you have not a boy, girl grow hair. So many things that have been told to us, many things by the way.

So I’m writing a book and the title of that book is what if that someone is wrong?

What do you mean by that? If you’re following a belief in society maybe many years ago, there was one person who thought like this. So there was one person who thought like this, that if you’re a boy, short hair, girls long hair, someone thought like that. That becomes a culture. That becomes ritual. That becomes society’s norm. That becomes a trend. That become compulsion. Correct?

But what if that someone is wrong? What if that someone is wrong? There are many things we are just blindly following, but what if that someone is wrong? So I’ve been writing that book for last six months. I might take one and a half years more to write that book.

But moment write that book within my capacity I will try my best to reach millions and sell that book and make sure that book really become the best seller. So, these are the ways but easy ways also, and the shortcuts also I’ve shared both today.

How Much Should We Price Our IP Products As Trainers and Coaches?

My business currently holds physical training sessions. Course are expensive ranging from 50,000 to one lakh. Want to create even more modules to reach more people. Do you think expensive programs can be sold online?

See understand, world is changing ladies and gentlemen. What do you mean the world is changing? World, even the trading world. Say I am new in trading, one and a half years ago that’s it. Whatever my exposure, my understanding of training just acquired in last one and a half years, which is the benefit because I don’t have a maybe a lags on my bag, my board is blank as a trainer. So, that’s the reason. Within few months only I thought no physical I can go; I have to go live within.

So, I adopted technology. A trainer who have been training since many months or many years that it was a no, no physical is the correct thing. Like, so, that’s an advantage. I would say that because I started training this one and a half years ago. So, my mindset is this, the world is changing. World is not about charging high.

World is all about giving premium service and charging less. If you really want to go grow in your life. If I have to give example, take Netflix, take Hot star, what do you feel Netflix, Hotstar charging 299 rupees, 199 rupees? The content is not premium. Keep the content premium. Now those who have joined the speakable community, you will say Praveen One of the most common believers speaking Guru community they see on my face, Praveen, you’re charging very less.

The only reason I joined here; you’re charging very less. And they come, and they say, “Praveen too much of value.” Not because I like this, but that says something which I’ve learned. That if you really want to grow as a trainer, you have to create the system where you are giving the very premium value but taking care of your time. So, if you carefully see when I give prospective challenge, same challenge for everyone. Or when I do three hours of workshop, I do not do three hours of workshop for everyone, only for upgrade webinar, only for freedom trainers.

So, very carefully I’m allocating time so, it should not happen that I’m earning millions, but I don’t have time. That’s not the right, that’s not call freedom, time and money both. Right?

So, the point I’m making, the days have gone where you have to pay very, where you have to charge very high to become rich. These have gone, the current structure is, give premium, charge less, reach millions. Take Jio, why Jew is number one?

The Jio is reaching millions, charging very less, giving good services, charging very less, but charging too many. Netflix charging very less, Hotstar charging very less, speaking role charging very less, but charging too many, but no compromise in quality. That’s the mindset of pricing.

How Does One Identify Areas Of Expertise?

How does one identify areas of expertise? How does one monetize a seemingly non-relevant skill like say film appreciating or being sarcastic?

Okay, these are two questions. Let’s take one by one. How does one identify area of expertise?

Very simple, answer to this question, very simple. After this webinar, close yourself in one room. In case if you do meditation, in case if you do not do meditation, just first, close your eyes, go sit, sit straight, close your eyes. Because if you open your eyes, you will be diverted, close your eyes. Try to focus on your breath for few minutes. Very difficult to do that, but still try to focus. And after a few minutes, don’t open your eyes and ask yourself, which is that one skill I have learned in my life, which has really solved some big problems in my life?

And I must tell you, ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, very unfortunately, you answer to that question will be sometimes, no. No Praveen, I have not learned, because it has been told by someone that once you are out from your school and college, stop learning everything, stop learning.

The only reason we have invested time in school and college because we wanted to learn how to learn and the best skill which we have learned how to learn, we stop learning. And it hasn’t gone to that dirty level Ladies and gentlemen, especially in corporate, that dirty level learning skills, that even the skill like personality development, even the skill like public speaking skills. If you ask corporate people to learn, they say no, it’s the responsibility of my company to teach me how to teach how to speak in front of people.

Even the skill like speaking, which is a basic school of our leadership, they expect our company sikhai get na. That’s the approach we have. So, sometimes when you will close your eyes, unfortunately, you will say no Praveen, I have not learned. Don’t lose hope. start learning.

So, when I answer, I said, Yes. I went to Toastmasters for years, Sunday after Sunday. I’ve made hundreds of videos, I’ve practiced. All those bad comments on my videos. I’ve absorbed those bad comments. It was difficult to learn that skill. But yes, I learned that skill. Now I’m getting benefits. So, if you find one skill, find the benefits. Open your eyes, and then you will see there’s so many people they don’t have that skill.

They don’t have that skill. start reaching those people, start teaching.

So, answer to this question. How does one identify areas of expertise? Ask yourself how much time, energy, money, resources, you have spent in your life to gain expertise on something.

If you have gained expertise on something, then teach. Number one,

how does one monetize a seemingly non-relevant skill like ,

Don’t do that. Non relevant, if it is not relevant for you, it is not relevant for anyone else.

So, unless and until you are not passionate about your skill, don’t waste your time. Don’t waste other’s time also.

It has changed your life. It can change others life.

It is non-relevant to you; it will be non-relevant to others also.


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