How To Stay Focused Towards The Goal?

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Can You Please Suggest Some Books That You Think Help You A Lot In Life As Well?

One of the best books I would suggest to you, I would not suggest many, but the one is because this question is very common. So I always keep this book very close to me. This book is called Die Empty. What do you mean by that?

Just for triple line, I’m giving everything to you with the promise that I’m not going to ask you money again. Why? Because I want a die empty in my life. I want to die empty, I want to give everything, take boss, everything.

There are so many people who are sleeping and not getting up early in the morning. Don’t get surprised. This is not called negativity. This is called living, accepting the truth.

So at any point of time, I want to give my best. So whether I’m training, I will give my best. Whether I’m selling, I will give my best. Whether I’m doing Q&A, I will give… It is very easy for me to randomly pick questions from Q&A. Why is this all this making slides and all. I want to give my best. So I want to die empty.

The reason I love this book, there is one line in this book, speaking to group members of those who are already Speak and Grow member you will understand the importance of this now. There was a line someone asked the author Todd Henry. Todd Henry is the author, someone asked the author that which is the richest land on the planet, richest land. So people said the richest land is New York, Dubai, California. And he said no. The richest land on the planet is a graveyard where you actually bury dead bodies. Because there are millions of people, not millions, billions of people who decided to go under the ground with their ideas, values, thoughts, decided not to implement. And they’re under the ground. So the ground is full, of the graveyard is full of ideas, thoughts, suggestions, stories. That’s the beauty of this book Die Empty. Speak and Grow community, we want to die empty. It is like give your best. Speak, speak and grow.

How To Maintain The Enthusiasm And The Momentum While Improving Any Skill Set?

How to maintain the enthusiasm and the momentum while improving any skill set, just not public speaking and not get lazy and procrastinate? How to stay focused towards the goal?

Answer to this question is very simple. Why you are doing this? As a child, if I asked myself that, why did I learn cycling? It is such a complex skill, balancing, pedalling, ensuring that I’m not hitting someone. Why did I learn cycling, such a complex skill?

But the answer to that question was, that I started observing all my friends are playing in that small window when my parents were allowing me to go outside and play. I started observing that all my friends are playing in cycling and I don’t know. So my why was, which is the biggest why for any child, play with friends, right? Playing with friends is the biggest why. So my why was very strong.

What is strong? I want to play with my friends so I want to cycle. And that’s the reason the container number one of this workshop was what? Why? Only two reasons: I learn public speaking and I want people to learn public speaking. Professional growth and credibility, because otherwise there are millions of people part of the crowd only. Stand alone and speak.


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