How To Stay Happy By Climbing The Inner Mountains (of Life)?

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Public Speaking | 9 comments

Outside Mountains Vs Inside Mountains

Well, sometimes in your life, you don’t have to go on mountains to climb the mountain. I’m actually a certified Mountaineer, when I got my certificate from HMI, I was so happy. I thought now I could climb any mountain until someone redefined mountaineering for me.

That day, I was in storytelling, open mic in Mumbai, where storytellers were coming on the stage and they were giving their stories for five minutes.

“Touch Me Not” Girl

And one girl came, tall, beautiful, wearing a black color dress, looking very confident on the stage. Now she started a story. She said you know what? I’m a ‘touch me not’ girl; I don’t like people touching me. Even if my father touches me like this, I said, please don’t touch me. Even if a brother touches me like this, I said, please, please, please don’t touch me. 

We all started looking at each other. What’s wrong with this girl? And then she said, “You know why?” Because when I was five years old, someone touched me, and I didn’t like it. 

Not someone from my immediate family, but someone I know someone I trust, but then I decided not to share with anyone. 

The ‘Inappropriate’ Touch

When I was 15 years old, someone again touched me, not from the immediate family, but again, someone I trust, someone I know. Well this time I decided not to share with anyone.

And over the years, now I’m 23 years old, all these memories, because of these memories, I’ve lost trust in people until I decided to start sharing this, sharing my story with the world. And the moment she said this, I remembered the words of one of my most favorite storytellers, Donald Davis. And in his Ted Talk, he said if something happens in your life, which you feel is tragic, which you hesitate to share. And if you decide not to share that with people, it will sit on your head like a mountain, forever. And if you decide not to share, the same thing will happen which happened with that girl; Because every time she remembers what happened with her when she was five or when she was 15, she feels the same amount of pain, again. 

Climb That Mountain ‘Inside’

The only way is to crawl out, climb that mountain, sit on it, and share your story with the world. Because when you do that, you’re no longer below the mountain. You’re above the Mountain. But if we decide not to share, then you’re always sitting with that big mountain on your head. 

Nothing will change your past by sharing your story fast will not change, but what will change is your relationship with the past. Now it’s no longer a mountain, rather you are telling the world what we have learned from it or what you can learn from it.

Lesson Learned From That Girl

Sometimes I feel that HMI has taught me how to climb mountains, which are outside and visible. But that girl taught me how to climb a mountain, which is inside and invisible. 

Look into your life, look deep. Maybe there are some small or maybe big mountains, which you have not climbed. Crawl out. Climb that mountain, stand on it, and tell your story to the world. 

Climbing Outside Mountains Are Optional. Climbing Inside Mountains Are Mandatory

It’s okay if you don’t climb that outside mountain, but it’s very important to climb the mountain, which is there over your head because no matter how strong you are, no one in the world can walk alone. Think about it. 


  1. Pradeep Khare

    Yes it is important to climb the mountains inside,so that we overcome the inner fears.Very nice post on your blog Praveen sir.
    You are always giving a new perspective to common things.

  2. Neha Jain

    It’s true. Expression is requires utmost.

  3. Uma Nataraj

    Yes. Very true. We need to share our sad feelings/ incident that has hurt us. Once we let go of that and share, we feel better.

  4. C.Raghava Rao

    You are absolutely right. some are introvert. They do not come out of their shell. In one way it is good. some secrets we should not reveal. There is possibility of misunderstanding and taking advantage. Sharing when you trust the other person. No it is a heavy burden in your head. Write in your life’s diary. Share with whom you trust most.


    Very inspiring story and very inspiring corelate with the mountaineering. Ye sit is fact that climbing the out side mountain is easier that the over come the inside mountain. Once you share your inside mountain to the world, then you are mor confident and face the world with more courage, relentles determination, honour and pride. But for achieeing this we have to overcome the fear inside us which required real fight.

  6. K.Settu

    Well said,Praveen. While reading the story,I have travelled into my childhood and connected with my father who died 20 years back. When I was 6 years old, my father said “ Not to believe the Rich . They are not honoest towords poor”. That words are still ringing in my ears. Now my age is 54 and In my experience it is always not true. That words are always cautioning me and stopping me to move friendly with them. The reality is now opened up. I got freedom from this constrains. Today It is the eye opening day for me. Thank you Praveen.

  7. pranuthi

    Absolutely true.Keeping all the hurting stuff within you makes you inefficient and stops you growing in life.

  8. Nikhil Kulkarni

    Very true and given very realistic message through the beautiful story. Almost everybody has some mountain on their head, in their heart. We are just afraid to share our life’s dark side with people because we think that people might make fun of it or else nobody else has value of our emotions. But when we speak up, when we release burden of our unforgettable past we actually feel free and start living happy life.

  9. Ignatius Hansdak

    By sharing our personal woes we feel relieved and fresh air enters our inner soul. The pent up emotional pain goes away and a feeling of victory reigns over our heart and mind . It also needs courage.


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