How To Wake Up The Audience?

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

Observe the picture below and answer this question. 

Do you think there is a speaker speaking on the stage or not? 

Some of you might say that there is a speaker, some of you will say that there is no one speaking on stage. 

The latter is correct. There was a speaker on the stage when I clicked this picture. 

We had some good speakers that day, amazing personalities who had good content and good stories. But something happened that day. 

It was a center stage and the audience was spread across in a circle and there was this section of the crowd, which was completely inattentive. They were talking too much. One speaker, just stopped talking for a moment, called the host and said,

“Hey, I can’t speak like this, they are insulting me.”

Indirectly, the speaker was saying that you have invited me, I am speaking in front of these students and it is the audience’s responsibility to listen. 

And he abruptly ended his talk. He didn’t put it in words, but his actions and my understanding as a student of public speaking meant exactly that. 

I was observing everything. 

And as that speaker abruptly left the stage, the host invited me. 

He said, Now Let’s Welcome Mr. Pravin Wadalkar. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to go on stage or not but I had no choice. 

The first thing I did as I went on stage was, I looked at these set of audience who were making a lot of noise and I said, 

“Hey, Listen! What I have learned in public speaking is this. If the audience is sleeping then someone needs to wake up the speaker”

What did I mean by that? 

It means that if I am speaking ( I was supposed to speak for 45 min that day), for the next 45 mins and if you are not listening to me, if you are distracted, or making some sound or noise, its not your problem. Its my problem. I have to change. I have to speak in such a way that you guys listen. 

No matter who you are, whether you are a CEO of an organisation or you are at an infancy stage of your career, but make sure that you learn the techniques and methods of public speaking. So everytime you speak, the audience will listen to you. 


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