I Burned My Fingers In Personal Mentorship.

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What Is A Ballpark Percentage Of Amount To Spend In Marketing Ads

What is a ballpark percentage of amount to spend in marketing ads, you spend 21 L to earn revenue for which is close to 50%. See sir your profit margins should never go below 50% in this business. If it is good.

Now that is a profit margins in my case, where I’m building everything on my own. So to speak and grow is almost 25 to 30 people. So I have to pay for salaries. So if you’re building your own company, then also your profit margin should not go. But if you’re not building your own company, you are outsourcing.

So what is the cost? 15% they charge, even if you take the best agency, 15% of your ad spend they charge, right? So, if you’re spending 10 lakh rupees one and a half lakh rupees they will take as agency charges and they handle everything, everything. So in that case, I think around 60 to 70% should be your profit margins are more than that only be all based upon the quality of your raw material.

Quality of raw materials is the key here. But if a person like me, which I love to build, so the only reason I could able to give services at that speak and grow because I’m an entrepreneur, I have a team alone I can’t do that.

But in just 2000 rupees, you got advantage of all that team.

Is There Methods And Process To Make The Course Using Only Slidewares?

I’ve seen many courses also attended fuse them only with the content of slides. That’s a good question.

There two things, ladies and gentlemen.

First you’re making slight goals because that’s the requirement of your course, you are teaching coding, you’re teaching something where there is no logic of you showing your face to the audience, right? That is a requirement. What is that? That’s the reality, that is the reality. Then do it, even in that I would recommend, at least at the start of the workshop is you have kept your student guessing that the person who is speaking in front of me, how it looks, how he should look, even at the start of the workshop at least show your face. I would recommend that.

But if it is not at all a requirement, then slide share.

But if you say Praveen, I don’t want to make a video based course because I hesitate to show my face to people. Then you’re insulting your presence on this planet, sir. That is the biggest insult there, nothing bigger than that. See whether you are good, looking bad, looking at all definitions of people.

There’s a frame look of the society who is good looking and bad looking. Mother nature has given you that look, that is and mother nature has also given you one power no matter how you look, if your smile look good, don’t you.

So if you’re hiding your face because you don’t want to show your face to people and that’s the reason if you are not making, then you’re insulting yourself. Then the answer to that question is I don’t do that if required, that is yes. If hiding face that its no.

I Want To Read, Teach Math To High Schools, Can I Do This Program?

That’s a good question someone asked. Those who are teachers understand this. You must be puzzled, right? Those who are teachers. One side you see Byjus, one side you see are even I have that skill, byjus are making so much of money with the same skill, I can make money. One side you see tuition teachers are doing this and that, one side you also see nowadays, you see ads where teachers or teaching maths, chemistry online, it’s very tempting. Understand this.

One teacher came to me. She was a chemistry teacher. And she’s teaching, she has a very good class in Mumbai. And she said, Praveen, I want to build online courses, E-learning business model on chemistry.

I said, do you really love this subject? You teach only chemistry or other subjects also? And she said, I teach other subjects also, but I love chemistry. I said, what do you mean by you love chemistry? She said, Praveen, I have a formula. I said, what do you mean by that? She said, I have a signature way of teaching chemistry to kids. I said, how do you validate that? She said Praveen, in that area, my classes are always full. That’s a good validation. I said, Tell me more about it. She said Praveen, there are students in my class, just not one. Because if it is one is exceptional, around four to five students in my class, they get a hundred out of hundred in chemistry.

I said, wonderful validation.

And she said Praveen, I want to teach chemistry online. And I said, you can’t do that. She said what do you mean by that? I said, you saying, coming on Facebook, YouTube, and saying this, I want to teach chemistry online, I want to you know? It just like imagine I have a child is 14 years old by the way. I’m watching one video and you saying I want to teach chemistry online. You are indirectly telling me, that send my child to one more tuition class, I’ve already fed him. I have given subscription of byjus to him. He’s learning chemistry there. He’s already going to one tuition class; he is already going to school. So, he’s already learning chemistry from three places. How can you serve when people are not hungry for that? And so, she said Praveen then what can I do? I said, this is how you should do chemistry if you’re so passionate, and you have validated that passion.

You have a signature formula of teaching chemistry, then we should create a crash course on chemistry.

She said what do you mean by that Praveen? I said, see, these are kids, right? And chemistry, there are fundamentals. Like in the maths, they are fundamentals, in chemistry, they are fundamentals. So, doesn’t matter whether you are in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, doesn’t matter. Unless and until your fundamentals are not clear. It’s very difficult to get good, good marks in chemistry. She said yes. I said, Let’s create a crash course on fundamentals. And your actual research like this, if a child is struggling in chemistry, must be his fundamentals. The whole fundamentals are not cleared. We have a crash course on chemistry fundamentals, he is going to spend four weeks every Saturday only one in four weeks, is our hope.

Fundamentals of chemistry will be clear. Now we are not selling chemistry. We’re selling a product. That’s a crash course.

Tell me, how many of you think that’s the better approach? Tell me click on A, if you say that’s, yes Praveen, that’s a better approach. Click on A, click on A, if you think it’s a better approach. Click on B, no, no, no Praveen, whatever you said in last five to five to 10 minutes, we invested our time. That was a nonsense approach.

So, ladies and gentlemen, that is something you have to understand.

98% people who believe in this, 98% people and yes Praveen, that has to be done like that.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are a teacher, yes, there is an opportunity, but you don’t get the license just because you’re a teacher. That doesn’t mean that without working on your raw material, that is your video-making skills, your organization of your content, and selling skills, you can reach millions and make millions.

No matter who you are. You have to still learn, practice and implement.

What Will Be The Timing Of Live Webinars In The Course Offered?

Very good question. Straight away. Thursday 7:00 PM. Video making workshop. Saturday 11:00 AM. Today e-learning workshop. Sunday 11:00 AM. Public speaking workshop.

How Could I Get Your Mentorship Come Guidance In Deciding My Niche?

No, sir. I don’t provide personal mentorship, but there’s a reason behind that.

I burned my fingers in personal mentorship. I really burned my fingers.

There was a time where I used to offer first 90 minutes, one to one session, and there was a range from 10,000 to 25,000 rupees. And then I thought, okay, I will do it only for two live workshops I did. And certainly around 70 people, they booked it. 70 people. 70 people when they’re booked, it’s like every day I am sitting in front of camera for 60 to 90 minutes every day.

Morning, evening here however I can’t do that first from a physical point of view, I cannot do that. It’s very demanding.

See, speaking for one hour it takes the same amount of energy, which is required for walking for three hours.

So when I speak for four hours, it’s like, I’m working for 12 hours later and job is huge.


So that’s the reason I don’t do one to one.

Second thing, people pay, even though I say, don’t pay if you’re not ready for one to one coaching.

Then also people pay and they give money. And I say, it’s absurd waste of money. They’re not even ready for reach, see to have meeting me that you have should have reached one level.

So I can take it to the next level. So whatever I can help you, I can help you to speak and grow the community.

So one to one coaching is not required.

So I don’t provide one to one coaching. Even if you say Praveen right now, I’m ready to pay you 100 rupees, not required because it’s not for money. The day and I will decide. I want to do one to one coaching then I will think. But today I’ve decided, I think you have the decision of taking the decisions in your life. I have the decisions of taking decisions.


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